Bracket Computing: Purging Hardware Margins for Promising Enterprise Computing

Tom Gillis, CEO
For decades, virtualization technologies have advanced from servers and compute to almost all areas of a data center’s infrastructure. New solutions for network, storage and even data center virtualization have come to the forefront, largely driven by customer demand to better use existing infrastructure and drive newer business initiatives. However, none of those solutions escape the need to build and manage the underlying hardware something that still takes more than 80 percent of a typical IT department’s resources.

Addressing these issues is Bracket Computing, a technology company that develops cloud computing software for enterprises. Bracket Computing was established to provide virtualization of Clouds at an aggregate level that addresses enterprise requirements and fundamentally changes the way enterprise computing is delivered and consumed.

The company created the industry’s first Cloud Virtualization System. Called the Bracket Computing Cell, it harnesses the elasticity, flexibility, and near-infinite scale of multiple hyper scale clouds and combines it with the security, predictability, and control of a dedicated hardware data center. The Computing Cell turns data centers into a simple set of dials, a concept called ‘Managed by Directive’. “It facilitates enterprises to have their infrastructure—storage, security, compute, and networking— automatically adjusted to meet specific directives, even under running applications, all without any additional work of the IT team,” says Bracket’s CEO Tom Gillis. In order to achieve this, the Cell maintains a live loop and is contextually aware of the directives and the state of the cloud provider resources. Additionally, the technology implements state-of-the-art encryption to ensure that encryption scales seamlessly, imposes no performance penalties, and preserves data management capabilities.
Bracket Computing provides a virtualized environment that sits on top of the hyperscale public cloud providers, delivering true enterprise class infrastructure to its customers. The Computing Cell fully isolates enterprise applications and infrastructure in the public cloud from underlying Cloud Service Provider (CSP) resources as well as other tenants in the CSP’s shared infrastructure. The Cell’s security and storage computing infrastructure is backed by service-level guarantees, including the industry’s first Primary Storage Performance, Data Security, and Data Integrity SLAs.

Bracket Computing’s solutions provide clients a flexible, efficient, and highly scalable computing experience, while also adding value security, predictability, and control to the list. “Our customers see Bracket as a competitive differentiator for them. They span industry verticals, including manufacturing, media, financial services, healthcare, and government, among others and include some of the nation’s largest corporations,” says Gillis.

Our Computing Cell is the sole solution that has been designed from the enterprise customers’ point of view

Going forward, the company will continue to pursue its goal of delivering enterprise computing driven by actual business needs not restrictive hardware limitations. Its innovative solution, leveraging the cloud and accommodating the requirements of the most demanding, mission-critical workloads of its enterprise customers will define the enterprise data center of the future.

Bracket Computing

Sunnyvale, CA

Tom Gillis, CEO

Develops cloud computing software for enterprises in tap with uprooting hardware limitations.