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CIO VendorC. Bradley Tashenberg, President and CEO
We assist customers through their challenges with our technical expertise. We are not a run-of-the-mill software reseller,” asserts Bradley Tashenberg, President and CEO, Bradmark Technologies. Tashenberg, an expert in the field of distributed data processing, has authored several books on the topic over the years. This expertise, along with his innate drive to develop new technologies assist Tashenberg, an adept pianist, in hitting the right notes and steering the company through thick and thin, throughout its 30 year period.

Having been in business for over 3 decades, Bradmark Technologies has gone through several generations of database technology, from the network databases, to the relational, to the object oriented, which ultimately became absorbed into the relational model. Most recently, it witnessed the entrance of SAP into the database world, which for the last two decades has been one of the largest application software developer in the market. Now SAP, through the announcement of its HANA in-memory database, and the acquisition of Sybase’s ASE and IQ databases, has emerged as a serious contender in the database space. Working closely with SAP, Bradmark has expanded its offering from just providing database tools, to a full service company – providing SAP database technology, its internally developed suite of database monitoring technology, and consulting services to assist customers fine tune their database environment. Due to its former relationship with Sybase, Bradmark has established an excellent reputation in this market to better serve SAP customers.

"Our programs are so successful that SAP encourages companies to purchase from us, as we deliver more value"
Bradmark’s flagship product, Surveillance DB is a monitoring product that is customized to function well on SAP ASE and IQ databases, along with Replication Server and SAP HANA. It provides internal visibility into the functioning of these databases. The core features include real-time monitoring, rules-based alarm and event management, root cause analysis and reporting. This enables Database Administrators (DBA) and end-users to quickly isolate the cause of performance issues and helps them in resolving them. Bradmark was the first in the Sybase market to come up with the concept of flashback, which enables DBAs to go back in time, simulate the environment and pinpoint the cause of an alarm without having to guess as to what might have caused it, or wait for the next occurrence. Since its relationship with SAP, Bradmark has become one of the top resellers of SAP database products in the U.S. “Our programs are so successful that SAP encourages companies to purchase from us as we deliver real value,” says Tashenberg.

Unlike various other SAP resellers who are in the application space, Bradmark sets itself apart by being a specialist in reselling database and technology solutions. They are intent on capitalizing on the current scenario and establishing a large footprint to stay ahead of the curve. The company has a fairly large customer base, thanks to their commitment to provide superior customer experience by going out of their way. 50 of the Fortune 100 and over 280 of the Fortune 500 have been customers of Bradmark over its 30 year period. Today, they are positioned in all the top healthcare and insurance companies including the likes of Mayo Clinic, UnitedHealth, WellPoint and Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Bradmark strives to be the “go-to”, full-service provider for SAP database and technology users. They intend to continue providing innovative and enhanced monitoring tools and technology to help customers solve problems effectively, while expanding their business and going deeper into the retail space. The company also wants to take their products to the next level by incorporating artificial intelligence and automating processes.

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C. Bradley Tashenberg, President and CEO

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