BrainScale: The Road to Cloud Computing Supremacy

Phani Tipparaju, CEO
BrainScale has been pioneering as a cloud computing solution provider from the very first days of Microsoft’s cloud offering. Being a trusted partner all through Azure’s evolution over the years, the company has been assisting enterprises cut through the myths and the hype of cloud computing. “Having traversed along with Microsoft in the long evolutionary journey, we have mastered the art of selecting best-fit solutions for our client’s specific needs—customized, tailored and furnished to churn out throughput and cost benefits,” says Phani Tipparaju, CEO, BrainScale. Recognized as a gold certified Microsoft partner today, the firm offers full range cloud services, consulting, and solutions with unmatched skill in developing and implementing IaaS and PaaS applications in Azure. “BrainScale alleviates every complexity customers experience on their cloud journey, ensuring they forge ahead in the right direction, keeping pace with the rapidly changing cloud landscape,” he adds.

Whether it is simplifying cloud deployments, improving efficiency and uptime, integration and agility, or quick go-to-market needs, BrainScale is a one-stop shop in the world of Microsoft Azure. From designing fit-to-purpose SaaS and PaaS applications all through to its implementation and deployment, BrainScale acts as a guiding light in steering project completion goals. As a managed partner for cloud application development, the company taps into Microsoft’s comprehensive knowledge base to help enterprises deliver projects quickly and with utmost perfection—more importantly, getting it right the first time. Backed by an expert engineering team with vast industry knowledge in the Azure landscape, BrainScale’s working model is inclined toward enabling clients to benefit immensely with minimum overheads, CapEx, and OpEx costs.

Further, “Our DevOps Transformation (DOT) solution helps enterprises, with globally scattered development teams, manage the ever-evolving DevOps environment,” remarks Tipparaju. The solution is configured to handle the most common requirements for automated workflows that help teams with a hit-the-ground-running approach to kickstart DevOps—no matter the location.

Cloud Engineering Value and design thinking really differentiates us! It’s part of our core culture

At the heart of it, the DOT solution is an orchestration engine which helps with the complete DevOps life cycle stages right from the time a repo is created to integration with configuration management tools to final deployment either to containers or PaaS or IaaS VMs. “Our plug-and-plays solutions can be easily integrated into client environments which can also be tailored to specific development requirements,” affirms Tipparaju. In addition to allowing clients to customize and deploy DOT according to their needs, BrainScale adds cutting edge features that further improve operational workflows.

Complementing their DOT solution is BrainScale’s Global On-boarding (GO) solution that helps enterprises realize the self-service IT—minimizing privacy and security issues. “BrainScale GO solution’s Azure-Cop (Az-Cop) feature is embedded with preventive and reactive controls that help enterprises follow the set policies, rules, and regulations, eliminating any software violation,” notes Tipparaju. Az-Cop will automatically capture any unauthorized activity and enforce the controls to shut it down immediately.

Besides its prime offerings, the firm goes beyond being an Azure partner to become a strategic ally in a customer’s cloud journey. “We engage with our clients at a strategic level, catering to their concerns around scaling future needs, trends, security, initiation, and controlling cloud operations,” states Tipparaju.

All along its journey, BrainScale has embraced cloud applications and its vast potentials to transform modern day businesses and the IT landscape. With an impressive track record, the company is taking calculated steps toward forging into the future to emerge as a world leader in the Microsoft Azure environment. “We will also expand our global reach to EMEA region in the coming days,” concludes Tipparaju.


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Phani Tipparaju, CEO

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