Brainspace: Collective Intelligence at the Fingertips of Everyone

Dave Copps, Founder & CEO
Knowledge Management, is a concept and a term that arose approximately two decades ago. This definition has the virtue of being simple. Today, the Gartner Group created another second definition, “Knowledge management is a discipline that promotes an integrated approach to identifying, capturing, evaluating, retrieving, and sharing all of an enterprise's information assets. These assets may include databases, documents, policies, procedures, and previously un-captured expertise and experience in individual workers.” However, in a constantly evolving knowledge management landscape, organizations are slowly beginning to see the power of meaningfully connecting the most important concepts and ideas that exist in human communication. With its headquarters in Dallas, TX, Brainspace is a company that is at the forefront of connecting enterprises by effectively capturing and placing the collective intelligence of companies at every employee's fingertips. “As people inside an organization collect, share and curate information together, Brainspace transforms that curation into an intelligence that everyone can engage with to connect meaningfully with relevant peers and knowledge,” says Dave Copps, Founder and CEO, Brainspace.

Brainspace’s core technology— Neuron—creates a multi-dimensional space from textual documents, using a series of unique and patented algorithms. The company has two products that are currently powered by Neuron, Discovery 5 and Brainspace Enterprise. “Discovery 5 serves the market of data scientists, researchers, and analysts who have a need to deeply analyze unstructured information in a completely visual environment,” says Copps. Brainspace Enterprise is the realization of the idea of collective intelligence inside the enterprise. “The knowledge sharing patterns in every business are unique. The concepts and ideas contained in that knowledge sharing, when connected by Brainspace, form a powerful context for people to operate from.” explains Copps.

Brainspace Enterprise can be engaged by any member of an organization to connect with other people or critical knowledge. For instance, if a person looks at a document, Brainspace can read that document sub-second and instantly connect that person with related documents and people who have displayed similar interests. “It is a complete reinvention of knowledge management that enables people to learn, discover and connect in ways that have never been possible before,” says Copps.

Discovery 5 serves the market of data scientists, researchers, and analysts who have a need to deeply analyze unstructured information in a completely visual environment

Unlike other organizations that work only with search engines and social networks, Brainspace acts as a learning layer that learns from the activities of those products. Through this continuous learning process, the company connects employees more meaningfully with relevant people and content.

The company counts as clients, several of the largest companies in the world and has delivered solutions that have produced 90 percent increases in efficiency saving significant money and time and causing most of their largest clients to expand their use of Brainspace products globally. To throw light on one of Brainspace’s customer success stories, a professional services firm wanted to extract key insight from their leadership, in ways that were not so time consuming. The customer had to survey 8000 of their senior managers as a part of their year-end planning. Additionally, the firm also needed to solicit free-form text feedback on important aspects such as process, strategy, and compensation. The whole process required 75 of its consultants to read, analyze, and summarize the results from the long-form responses. This method would involve substantial costs and would last for 30 long days. The firm utilized Brainspace Discovery to resolve the intricacies around extracting feedback. As a result, after two hours of training, merely five consultants were able to extract a superior level of insight while reducing allocated labor costs and risks. The client realized almost one million dollars in savings.

In the days to come, Brainspace intends to expand its operations into Europe, Asia, Australia, and Singapore.

Brainspace Corporation

St Dallas, TX

Dave Copps, Founder & CEO

Brainspace is involved in re-inventing the way companies learn, discover and seek and, curate knowledge by intelligently bringing people and content together.