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Bob Kiffney, Founder and CEO of BrainTrust
The US government is rapidly adopting data science and analytics for creating, storing, and analyzing vast amounts of data for national security. These innovations enable the government to save public funds and carry out operations more efficiently. Since 2010, the US government has leveraged these technologies to develop new techniques to analyze and store data on cloud servers to support foreign intelligence and defense missions. Processing massive amounts of data on the cloud with multiple transformations can incur significant latency. For highly time-sensitive applications, these latencies can be avoided by employing High-Performance Computing (HPC) platforms, and BrainTrust has been assisting the government to do just that.

BrainTrust offers high-end software solutions that utilize cloud computing, system engineering, data analysis, machine learning, and high-performance computing to increase the efficiency of government agencies’ operations. It offers migration from a traditional Hadoop Map-Reduce platform to high-performance computing environments to address client latency issues. Such analytical migrations are carried out using Big data technologies, including Spark streaming and batch-analytics. It also employs HPC’s unique characteristics such as InfiniBand, high-speed networking, and remote direct memory access. BrainTrust methodically reduces analytical latency, expands data science opportunities, and increases the speed of operations.

When the US government requested proposals from several companies for contracts, BrainTrust was able to stand out from the crowd with its innovative solutions and provided leadership on many of those projects. In 2010, when BrainTrust was founded, the US government was under very harsh budgetary constraints, and BrainTrust offered significant value while keeping costs low. As the situation improved, BrainTrust grew aggressively and started competing for prime government contracts. All the while, BrainTrust has maintained a leadership position in computing technologies and provides optimal solutions for its US government customers, including low latency streaming and HPC solutions for high-priority missions.

Over the past year, with COVID-19 impeding some of the on-site collaboration efforts, BrainTrust was able to work with the US government to prototype secure telework solutions.
This partnership with their government counterparts enabled continued execution of a critical mission and provided BrainTrust employees with security and safety for themselves and their families.

The company’s drive for growth began when Bob Kiffney, Founder and CEO of BrainTrust, started working for government agencies when he graduated from college back in 1990. Having extensive experience working in network security for commercial companies as the lead developer, Bob founded BrainTrust in 2010. The organization, which started with just one person, now has 170 people, with several projects completed and named a Top Workplace in 2020 by the Baltimore Sun. In July 2020, Everwatch, a government solution provider, acquired BrainTrust and provided additional capital to support growth and synergies. Since then, BrainTrust has offered an even more comprehensive range of services. It has expanded its location and reach beyond its niche market. Everwatch enabled diversification of BrainTrust’s services and also can take the BrainTrust solution offerings to a larger market.

The best thing we can do is attract the best people and keep them happy. We try to be very responsive as managers, and we try to make our environment as fun as possible. We do a lot of things to engage with our employees and let them know that we really care about them

Every company invests in its infrastructure and technologies to remain competitive in the market, but BrainTrust has an ingenious way of differentiating itself. The company concentrates not only on the satisfaction of its customers but also that of its employees. BrainTrust believes it is a People Business, and as Mr. Kiffney says, “The best thing we can do is attract the best people and keep them happy. We try to be very responsive as managers, and we try to make our environment as fun as possible. We do a lot of things to engage with our employees and let them know that we really care about them.” BrainTrust rewards its employees and conducts social events to ensure that every employee is happy and satisfied with the management. It participates in several charitable events and is known for actively hiring US veterans.

BrainTrust has been continuously improving since its inception and striving to offer its clients the best solutions. With its latest development and expansions, it will not be surprising if BrainTrust becomes the HPC industry's most prominent name soon.


Annapolis Junction, Maryland

Bob Kiffney, Founder and CEO of BrainTrust

BrainTrust provides high-performance computing (HPC) solutions and hardware to the US government and deploys its solutions wherever needed. Its highly qualified personnel use state-of-the-art technologies in the development of software, communications, and security systems. These are high-end solutions based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. It was acquired by Everwatch in 2020 and was named the top workplace in 2020 by the Baltimore Sun