BrandMaker: The Central Platform for Marketing Management

Recent shifts in the marketing sphere have created new demands for enterprises, including embracing smart applications to address customers more directly. “The biggest challenge in marketing is the changing landscape itself. Marketing is more mobile, more social, and more singularly-directed to each customer, and yet, has more distribution channels than ever before,” says Bill McInerny, President and CEO of BrandMaker, Inc., US.

BrandMaker addresses all distribution methods, including traditional print media, digital and mobile media, along with the massive amount of content being produced. They determine the best ways to help marketers and sales professionals develop, store and adapt all that content to meet their needs. “Our role is to simplify marketing and its distribution so that marketers find it easy to distribute the right content at the right time to each prospect or client,” defines McInerny.

Formed in 1999, with global headquarters in Karlsruhe, Germany, and Atlanta serving as headquarters for North America, BrandMaker ensures the right version of the right media is available everywhere, at all times. BrandMaker’s software suite increases the impact of a company’s marketing campaigns by enabling them to be easily adapted for local markets. “Although BrandMaker began with server installations and private clouds, as the technology landscape evolved, we evolved along with it and now almost exclusively deliver software in a SaaS environment and SaaS mobile,” explains McInerny. The company offers a comprehensive solution suite—the Marketing Efficiency Cloud—that creates more transparency, more consistency, and more efficiency in an organization’s operational marketing activities.

BrandMaker’s differentiating factor is the breadth and depth of the system itself

“BrandMaker’s Marketing Efficiency Cloud is a powerful platform that lets users adapt brand—approved content according to their own needs quickly and easily, customizing it for local markets without need for publishing software,” adds McInerny.
“The solution enables decentralized locations and branches to distribute compliant content and perform local marketing campaigns, maximizing sales success.” The system includes modules for multiple operations, including brand management, marketing planning and campaign management, digital asset management, dynamic content creation and advertising logistics, and success monitoring and analytics. “BrandMaker appeals to any enterprise with a decentralized sales structure and a widespread presence, giving chains, franchisees, regional representatives, local distributors, and partners the benefit of a strong central brand but with local flexibility,” explains McInerny.

The company proudly serves firms like Audi, Bayer, Ernst & Young, Hewlett Packard, Humana, Kyocera, and UBS, increasing their marketing success rate through a structured yet flexible platform. Recently, client Euronics, a chain of electronic retail stores across Europe, earned the limelight during the launch of the iPhone 6 when Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, recognized Euronics for the best launch of iPhone 6 globally. Euronics, using the BrandMaker system, changed over all its supporting iPhone 6 content in all stores in Europe, in multiple languages, within 24 hours. “BrandMaker’s differentiating factor is the breadth and depth of the system itself. It’s not a single point solution, but rather a full suite that addresses the entire marketing process, all made easily accessible and able to be distributed in whatever mode is required,” explains McInerny.

BrandMaker recently launched Version 5.8 of its Marketing Efficiency Cloud, including expanded capabilities to implement, analyze, and quickly adjust marketing activities and campaigns, with a number of new options—for example, the Media Pool module is now available in a mobile version. BrandMaker continues to increase its sales presence in North America, innovating its products with extra features and transforming its platform into a basic marketing necessity. “Although our roots are deeply ingrained in Europe, we are building great momentum in the U.S. by providing marketing technology that every company needs to increase their marketing effectiveness,” concludes McInerny.


Atlanta, GA

Bill Mclnerny, CEO & President

BrandMaker is a provider of Marketing Resource Management (MRM) systems