BrandWizard: Creative is the Next Frontier. Tech can help

CIOReview in an interview with Vineet Singh, CEO of BrandWizard

Why do you obsess over brand management?

Today’s consumers want to connect with their favorite brands on a personal level, and they expect a consistent experience across every channel on which they engage. These high expectations place immense pressure on branding and marketing teams to deliver outstanding creative; and these expectations are only going to increase in the foreseeable future.

That is why we at BrandWizard believe creative is the next frontier. But creative is both art and science.

That’s where tech comes in. Large companies deploy thousands of marketing campaigns each year. Without robust tech you simply cannot deliver a coherent brand experience across so many campaigns and on so many different channels. The right systems make it possible to represent your brands consistently, measure customer engagement, and offer a feedback-loop to your creative team. They ensure you’re getting the most value out of each asset.

Are companies ready for this new frontier?

From a brand management perspective, the U.S. is the most advanced market. But even within the U.S., there are too many companies (including multinationals) that rely on systems and processes from the print era! Fortunately, these companies increasingly recognize that their outdated systems have an adverse impact on their brand and put them at a competitive disadvantage. We are therefore seeing many of them committing to change.

Internationally, brand management is in a much more nascent stage. In many cases, we have to first explain their current disadvantage vis-à-vis global competitors and introduce them to the value they can gain from more advanced brand management systems. The more sophisticated and ambitious companies are committed to establishing global brands, so they are eager to address this lag.

How does BrandWizard help?

As a MarTech company, we have a powerful product suite called BrandCenter (designed in collaboration with Interbrand—a global leader in brand management), which helps companies at all levels of brand management.
But we’re more than just a product; we’re a tech partner to brand management teams.

For companies just starting out with brand management, we centralize brand guidelines and creative assets on BrandCenter, so their dispersed teams can easily access the latest information and creative. We also train users to get the most out of their new systems. These first steps increase adherence to the guidelines which in turn results in increased engagement with the creative, higher customer recall, and greater brand value.

With more sophisticated branding and marketing teams, we help optimize systems and production processes to maximize the return on their investment. We also partner with them to develop new systems and solutions to address custom, higher-level needs. For example, we partnered with a global Enterprise IT company to build a tool that better manages the process of naming new products and services. The new system shortened turn-around times, reduced human error, and significantly increased adherence to brand architecture.

Finally, BrandCenter includes a range of reporting and analytics tools that provide insight into usage and trends. These tools offer feedback to your creative team about how users are engaging with their creative. The tools also help companies monitor and continuously optimize BrandCenter for their specific needs.

So what does the future hold?

As we push further into the creative frontier, we believe brand management needs to be better integrated with marketing suites and tools. That will deliver greater value from creative assets and provide stronger feedback on customer engagement with the creative.

We’re currently alpha-testing a system that can serve as a centralized hub for all stages of a creative project, from collaborating on designing the creative, to its digital production, deployment to digital publishers, and analysis of its performance.

This is how tech can make the most of creative—by bringing disparate workflows together, reducing clutter in your inbox, and maximizing the value of each asset.


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Vineet Singh, CEO

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