Bravo Pawn Platform: Purpose-built Cloud-based POS for Pawnshops

Tally Mack, CEO
Pawnshops are in a league of their own. Their workflows are complex and entail a variety of critical components like inventory management, ecommerce, texting, email marketing, and customer and employee engagement, to name a few. Increased consumer demand for an omni-channel approach to buying, selling, pawning and loaning means that pawnshop owners and their employees wear many hats.

In order to operate efficiently (and profitably), pawnshops must:
• Create brand awareness and clearly differentiate themselves from national and local competitors
• Engage consumers through email, text, push notification and online marketing
• Provide incredible customer experience, across all channels, to drive loyalty among their customer base and encourage repeat loans and purchases
• Accurately estimate the value of the items that they are providing loans for, or selling in-store and online
• Continually expand their offerings to meet market and consumer demands
• Track and measure critical KPIs within each store and channel, and across the entire organization.

As the art of pawning evolves, so too does the need for technology that can support these shifts. The lack of apt cloud solutions to fulfill these needs has been a major setback in the pawn industry over the last couple of decades in particular. Pawnshops have to make do with point solutions and manual processes to operate and manage their business, which are largely inefficient at best, and an actual hinderance to profitable growth at worst.

Having recognized this shortcoming in the pawn industry, the founders of Bravo Pawn Platform—former pawnshop owners themselves—set out to create the most relevant and thoughtfully-engineered platform in the industry. Unlike any other pawn technology on the market, Bravo brings to the table a robust, end-to-end and fully integrated cloud-based solution that truly advances the operations of any pawn enterprise, be it a single or multi-store business.

The Bravo Platform Enables Pawnbrokers To:
• Grow loan balances and increase productivity with first-to-market functionality like the Estimator, Product Catalog, Task Manager, and Custom Report Generator.
• Make decisions with confidence so they can loan as much as possible and deliver an incredible customer experience.
• Improve their Loan to Value (LTV) ratio, by using robust data sets to recommend selling, buying and loan prices for items.
• Adapt quickly, grow rapidly, and operate profitably because of its flexible, agile and fully integrated architecture.
• Breaks down data silos that cost the business money and limit business intelligence.
• Collect, store, report, and analyze all company, store, customer, and channel data in one centralized platform.
• Improve productivity with the task manager—showing all employees and managers the outstanding tasks that need to be completed each day.
• Easily transfer inventory between stores and keep track of overages and shortages in the inventory.
• Operate with full visibility into detailed transaction history of every item that is pawned, sold or redeemed in the store during any period of operation.

We designed Bravo to fit the needs and price point of any customer that needs it

• Generate customized reports of the stores’ operation so users can view the store’s performance in real-time.

Bravo Helps Pawnbrokers Keep Up With Consumer & Market Demand

In addition to the POS platform, Bravo offers mobile apps—MobilePawn and Shopkeeper. MobilePawn allow consumers to make payments, browse and buy online inventory, and chat with pawnshop employees all from the convenience of their mobile devices. Shopkeeper allows employees to approve loans, chat in real-time with customers and take photos of inventory, ensuring that employees can work from anywhere at any time and deliver a superior customer experience. Bravo’s pawn platform is a multitenant, international, multicurrency, and multilanguage solution that can be easily installed and used by clients worldwide. The solution is compatible with any Windows machine, be it a laptop, tablet, or desktop. As Tally Mack, CEO of Bravo, says, “We designed Bravo to fit the needs and price point of any customer that needs it.”

Bravo’s Provides Industry Leading Support

In addition to providing the industry’s leading pawn software, Bravo also invests heavily into supporting customers through onboarding, implementation and ongoing support.

Bravo customers are hand-held through implementation and onboarding my knowledgeable employees who emphasize training as an integral part of customer success.

After onboarding clients, bravo customers are provided with their own dedicated Customer Success Manager— something that no other software company offers in the pawn industry. The Customer Success Department is fully dedicated to ensuring that the clients have the resources they need to succeed and that they get the most out of their relationship with Bravo and the greatest return on their investment.

Bravo also provides its clients with a full support team that can handle any inbound request and offers 24x7 missioncritical support. This customer-centric approach is a key factor in Bravo’s success –earing the company many referrals and rave reviews from customers. `

What’s Next
Having earned their place as the pawn industry’s leading software provider, Bravo continues to focus on innovation. Bravo is expanding into the firearms industry –developing end-to-end enterprise software that will revolutionize the way that firearms are sold and purchased.

Bravo Pawn Platform

Las Vegas, NV

Tally Mack, CEO

Bravo Pawn Platform specializes in point-of-sale software for the pawn industry. Established in 1988, Bravo POS was designed by pawnbrokers for pawnbrokers. As the leading pawn software systems on the market, Bravo enables pawnshops to grow their business by providing continually enhanced features and world-class customer service to help them compete with national big box stores.

Bravo Pawn Platform