Bredet Services: Centralized Business Data with Integrated CRM Solutions

Debbie Breuls, President
Headquartered in Oakville, ON, Bredet is a software consulting firm specializing in enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions. Having been in the industry for more than three decades,the company has accumulated deep expertise in various areas of software selection, consulting and implementation, custom programming, IT services, web design, business process review, project management, ecommerce, system integration, data conversion, report design, software support and training.

Bredet’s Microsoft consulting and implementation services are on the Dynamics AX platform. This multilanguage and multi-currency ERP solution is designed for any type of business. Fully customizable and extensible through its rich development platform and tools,Dynamics AX specializes in manufacturing and distribution, warehouse/transport management, product life cycle, asset management and real time business intelligence. “We can assess and determine why our customers and prospects should move to a solution as powerful as Dynamics AX, as it requires a more in-depth implementation time line due to the increased functionality of the product” says Debbie Breuls, President, Bredet Services. “It is never about the sale, but about getting another customer that will be an evangelist and a reference for both the partner and the product,” she adds.

Manufacturing companies face common problems like reporting, product planning and scheduling, integration between front and back office systems, business analytics, agility, flexibility for end users and globalization. Bredet meets the needs of various industries including process manufacturing, food safety, regulatory compliance, audit capability, quality control, quarantine, and electronic signatures.
The company works closely with the customer to identify the team members on both sides. “Our philosophy is that we share the responsibility of a successful implementation 50/50 with our customers. The size of our company allows us to be very dynamic and flexible, but most importantly, we are able to keep the costs of the implementation down to the bare bones,” explains Breuls.

Our philosophy is that we share the responsibility for a successful implementation 50/50 with our customer

A recent scenario includes a customer who was using a custom system written in “FoxPro” and since their developer was retiring, it put them in a volatile situation. Bredet’s team evaluated the legacy system and using Dynamics AX, they were able to add functionality to the core product which allowed them to improve a process which normally took 3 hours a day, down to 20 minutes. Users can now work remotely and not have to be in the office to do the required daily price updates. In turn, they have been able to increase sales volumes significantly without adding additional staff.

Moving forward, the company expects growth to twice its size in the next five years. “With the economy changing, we are very happy to say that our business has grown and we expect this to continue. Although we have grown significantly, it is important to highlight the company culture of work/life balance, while committing to giving back to our community.

Bredet Services

Oakville, ON

Debbie Breuls, President

Software consulting firm specializing in ERP and CRM