BRIDGE Energy Group: Boosting Utility Performance through Grid Solutions

David E. Olsson, CEO
“One constant in life is change,” says David E. Olsson, CEO, BRIDGE Energy Group. He believes that in the world of modern business, customers sense an opportunity of change in business and technology transformation. “As a person who is intellectually curious about everything, this is the ‘Rubik’s Cube’ that has intrigued me both personally and professionally. I bring this level of curiosity to the business world and apply it to help solve challenges faced by the industry,” adds Olsson. Olsson further reveals that CIOs across all the verticals including electricity, gas, and water are tested by the changing business environments that demands swift technology transformation to meet business challenges. They are also confronted to provide creative technological solutions that are relevant to the emerging needs of their business clients, in addition to offering innovations that meet changing business conditions and organizational goals. This is where BRIDGE Energy Group comes in. The company offers unique combination of business, operational technology and information technology domain expertise that helps support and integrates IT/OT in order to optimize operational performance for electric, gas and water utilities.

Headquartered in Marlborough, MA, BRIDGE Energy Group is a consulting and systems integration solutions provider focused on improving utility operational performance. The company combines business, OT and IT domain expertise to deliver and optimize innovative grid operation ability, work and asset management and customer operations,” reveals Olsson.

The company provides utility solutions like Grid Security, Grid Management, and Grid Reliability, which ultimately meets the unique needs of its clients. BRIDGE Energy Group’s Grid Reliability practice enables utilities envision, architect, and implement operation technologies to solve the toughest business challenges in outage management. On the other hand, the company’s Grid Security helps to achieve ongoing compliance and secure operations.

BRIDGE Energy Group has helped various companies by offering operational technology and information technology solutions to meet client’s utility needs.
An impeccable example of this is BRIDGE’s association with ComEd. ComEd, an Exelon company, had been facing a pending audit and needed additional resources and skills to improve their existing NERC CIP v3 compliance program and prepare for v5 compliance requirements.

BRIDGE delivers business, operational technology (OT), information technology (IT) solutions to Utilities, improving grid reliability, grid management, and grid security

BRIDGE’s NERC CIP team provided an end-to-end solution—from developing a strategy for compliance program improvement, to mitigation and compliance processes, to implementation and finally, execution of the plan.

BRIDGE’s industry leadership in the business, application and technology transformation has its roots in the deep operational domain expertise and the ability to integrate OT/IT. “We have a distinct advantage over those competitors who cover multiple verticals not related to the utility industry, which makes BRIDGE the top choice in the utilities market and it makes us completely different in the market,” explains Olsson.

Going forward, the company aims to stay ahead of the curve and is willing to meet the challenges of the 21st century utility— which includes improved reliability, integrating renewable and expanding customer choices. “We engage with utilities and vendors, providing our industry operational expertise to help guide selection and development of new technologies and approaches,” concludes Olsson.

BRIDGE Energy Group

Marlborough, MA

David E. Olsson, CEO

BRIDGE Energy Group is the leading consulting and systems integration solutions company focused on improving utility operational performance