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Hugo Messer, Founder
For most enterprises, digital transformation is in full force. The integration of technology touches nearly every aspect of business, and the companies that are willing and able to move in that direction have a higher propensity for long-term success. Bridge Global, a robust IT services firm, was founded in 2005 with a clear vision to provide global IT collaboration, consulting, and offshore solutions to customers embarking on their digitalization journey. Hugo Messer, Founder of Bridge Global, an expert in Distributed Agile & Offshoring, affirms, “Bridge Global emphasizes on bridging the gap between the consistent demands for highly skilled IT experts and existing resource pool in other countries.”

Krishna Jothis, CEO of Bridge Global, explains, “Today, people realize that there needs to be an integration between business and IT, moving IT closer to stakeholders and customers or users.” The company has evolved as a successful frontrunner in the IT service industry by understanding and implementing technology trends that are equally client- and market-driven.

Bridge Global works to meet the needs of customers by focusing on SMAC technologies: social, mobile, analytics, and the cloud. Jothis states, “Keeping up-to-date with the latest technology trends in these areas helps in offering the best client solutions and support. We follow the AGILE methodology, and our working model is more of a distributed global team rather than a project model.” The company utilizes a unique method for finding the right IT staff on-, near-, or offshore for customers, ensuring a hassle-free, efficient way of remote working and collaborating for IT solutions. By leveraging technologies like Microsoft Azure, Magento 2.0, and C#.NET and honing in on Agile methodology, Bridge Global has the unique ability to help customers plan, analyze, test, implement, and deploy comprehensive IT services around the world.

The team at Bridge Global adds value for customers by providing dedicated SCRUM training and coaching through Ekipa Academy–the first online platform educating people on distributed teamwork. Messer describes, “The programs emphasize how to implement Agile and SCRUM through distributed teams, how to manage intercultural teamwork, and which tools to use in implementation.
Krishna Jothis, CEO

We follow the AGILE Methodology, and our working model is more of a distributed global team rather than a project model

Each customer has a dedicated team working directly to help implement and support IT services and software development to ensure effective transitions and ongoing success.”

Jothis explains a recent customer case where Bridge Global was able to provide effective IT solutions. Spot On Solutions, a dynamic solution provider in e-commerce and Content Ma¬agement Systems, needed a skilled .NET resource to manage website development for the company and its clients. The technical package that was required to execute the development was fairly new with limited support options. This created a challenge for the company in acquiring suitable resources, who had both the skill and aptitude necessary for this platform. Bridge Global provided the best solution with a skilled team that has grown in size each year. Together with Spot On, the remote team from Bridge successfully provided an effective solution to a complex problem. The company invests in research and development to ensure resources are used to their maximum potential. The team at Bridge Global continuously undergoes internal and external training relating to trending technologies, methodologies and processes in the IT services industry, giving them the upper hand in the highly competitive marketplace. Growth of the company continues at a rapid pace as talent distribution spreads. “In this borderless world of emerging technologies, clients often look for agile teams to collaborate with less or often no learning time to get accustomed to their environment or culture and our IT professionals at Bridge provide the perfect solution to work under any given situation,” concludes Jothis.

Bridge Global

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Hugo Messer, Founder and Krishna Jothis, CEO

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