BRIDGEi2i Analytics Solutions: Infusing Analytical Might in Decision Making

Maruti S Peri, VP - Americas Region
Consumer Product Goods (CPG) companies face an unprecedented confluence of changes such as declining brand loyalty, rapidly evolving technologies, changing demographics and consumer preferences. Three out of four consumer product categories saw a decline in brand loyalty since 2011 indicates a report shared by Deloitte. With customer data and market research already at their fingertips, companies are now looking at customer analytics as the cornerstone of customer experience strategies. As companies are embarking on data journey, there is a strong demand being generated for customer analytics solutions which can answer questions like, which decisions do we want to improve for the customers. Acknowledging this growing demand of customer analytics solutions, global analytics solutions company BRIDGEi2i leverages the power of data to derive insights around consumer behavior and preference to simplify the consumer’s journey.

With offices in Bangalore, India and Bay Area, U.S., BRIDGEi2i is backed by seasoned analytics professionals, technology accelerators, domain expertise and a strong array of CPG solutions and products. The company helps several global CPG companies in their transformation journey across sales excellence, marketing and supply chain management. “We use advanced analytics techniques for the granular segmentation of various channels and stores to identify revenue enhancement opportunities. We help CPG clients manage assortment mix, price, and positioning at a much granular level through smart segmentation”, says Maruti S Peri, VP–Americas Region of BRIDGEi2i Analytics Solutions.

The CPG industry is highly saturated with businesses competing for a share of the market. After breaking into the marketplace and landing the product on retail shelves, it can be challenging to maintain and grow the company’s customer base. By administering Machine Learning techniques and advanced statistical techniques, BRIDGEi2i helps companies boost sales and maintain a customer base. “Our solution, S-Reco is a proprietary decision engine that leverages a combination of Advanced Statistical and Machine Learning techniques to make intelligent personalized sales recommendations. The sales recommendation engine tracks orders to the wholesalers and enables them to guide stores.

We incorporate robust algorithms that quickly deduce the data and mitigate the business risk due to uncertain consumer spend behavior

Sales representatives can use S-Reco’s recommendations to have intelligent conversations with the store owners and achieve higher conversion rate”, adds Peri. Apart from S-Reco, the company leverages ExTrack, a technology solution that helps in building a 360-degree view on all customer experience touch points across sales, installation, usage, support, social media, and feedbacks. ExTrack’s intuitive interactive interface makes it easy to consume insights and recommendations. “ExTrack collates unstructured information from customer support and surveys. It uses advanced algorithms and natural language processing to zero in on customers’ intent,” adds Peri.

When asked, what sets them apart from similar players in the market, Peri explained, “Our market research and intelligence teams help us stay abreast of technological advances and, therefore, ahead of the competition. We use pre-built advanced algorithms for data mining and other analytics applications. We help clients build a strategic roadmap by setting up Centre of Excellence for effective analytics execution and ensuring all the learnings are leveraged as best practices.” With a clear vision, BRIDGEi2i has been surging on a fast-paced growth track year-after-year. Two years in a row, the company was ranked on the Deloitte Technology Fast50 India list. It reiterates the fact that BRIDGEi2i, is committed towards excellence, dedication, innovation and teamwork. The company has plans to ramp-up its CPG Centre of Expertise by adding more domain experts and technology experts in this area and hone its CPG analytics consulting capabilities. “We strive to build platforms for skill, agility, and transparency. And with a focus on analytics, we look forward to leveraging the technological disruptors to help our clients,” concludes Peri.

BRIDGEi2i Analytics Solutions

Fremont, CA

Maruti S Peri, VP - Americas Region

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BRIDGEi2i Analytics Solutions