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Stacy Aronson, Managing Partner
Video surveillance has been an integral part of physical security measures for well over 40 years now. From live closed-circuit television (CCTV) to video cassette recorders (VCRs), digital video recorders (DVRs), and direct attached storage (DAS), the technologies have evolved for better security.

Enterprise physical security, however, is now all about the network, with video surveillance being but one component. The network is all-encompassing, going past just video cameras to include access control systems, alarm systems, environmental sensors and mass notification systems—all administrable via a single pane of glass.

Enterprises of all shapes and makeups want to move away from the complications associated with legacy systems. They require systems that can standardize, scale, and manage all of their physical enterprise security technologies.

A full-service physical security integration firm with nationwide presence, BrightWatch implements and supports the most innovative, enterprise cloud-controlled video, access control and alarm solutions available in the market today. BrightWatch helps clients overhaul their current physical security infrastructure to transition to a more scalable network-based solution.

“BrightWatch can implement physical security solutions across an infinite number of locations, with an infinite number of users, with no software. The solutions can be accessed at any time using just a browser,” says Stacy Aronson, Managing Partner of BrightWatch.

Wide Range of Solutions for Every Need

BrightWatch offers numerous physical security solutions, including video verification, access control, alarms, environmental sensors, personal emergency response, and mass notification solutions. Their clients include name brand enterprises from the manufacturing, logistics, real estate, education, finance, healthcare, energy, F&B, and government sectors.

BrightWatch replaces clients’ unpredictable, bandwidth intensive, complex security deployments with its easy-to-implement, centrally managed offerings. Its video security solutions are powered by advanced AI that transforms cameras into sensors capable of quickly finding events and revealing actionable information in real time.

At the same time, BrightWatch’s access control solutions simplify a client’s transition from their cumbersome legacy access systems to one with limitless scalability, native video integration, and cloud-based management.

BrightWatch’s product line leverages a hybrid cloud environment to provide efficient security administration across multiple locations by collecting surveillance data and consolidating it in the cloud where a user can access it with just a browser for quick and accessible insights. This allows clients to make well informed decisions, enabling a shift from outdated server room based video storage and standalone surveillance systems to network infrastructure based security of the new era.

“Today’s physical security needs are different from 20 years ago. BrightWatch adopted a fresh approach early on, we anticipated the change in the enterprise security technology landscape and we flipped the script with creative ideas to help these enterprises understand these changes and assist them in migrating to the new realm,” states Aronson.
Driving Innovation with Time-tested Experience

BrightWatch’s innovation is fueled by its understanding of the industry and its ability to align itself with the continuously evolving market dynamics. The company was founded by seasoned professionals who have witnessed the transition of the enterprise security landscape from legacy systems with on-prem storage to cloudbased solutions. This drove BrightWatch to partner with Verkada, a Californiabased company that develops cloud-based security systems.

Apart from designing and implementing robust solutions, BrightWatch undertakes a consultative approach when onboarding customers to determine their existing system limitations and financial capabilities. It studies a client’s business infrastructure, locations, size, and interest in technology to help drive the strategic and timely installation of modular systems. Post onboarding, BrightWatch trains and supports clients to build close partnerships that leverage the long-term nature of these new adaptive solutions.

BrightWatch can implement physical security solutions across an infinite number of locations, with an infinite number of users, with no software. The solutions can be accessed at any time using just a browser

Recently, BrightWatch assisted an international supply chain management company struggling to migrate from its existing legacy security technologies to a new platform. Originally, the firm had deployed numerous disparate security systems that were incapable of central administration and were causing vendor management issues. BrightWatch uncovered the pain points and educated them on the security solutions best suited to resolving their problems. It compared the economic scope of the new technology with the existing legacy system to help the client choose the ideal migration process. BrightWatch’s role is more than just a vendor or security integrator; it is delivering long-lasting services to build a security infrastructure capable of adapting to the supply chain management company’s evolving needs.

Continued Innovation through Evolving Capabilities

BrightWatch is always seeking new and innovative ways to expand its offerings in enterprise security technology and services. The company’s goal is to continue to be at the forefront of helping move the needle for enterprise clients that are seeking to move away from legacy systems. Consequently, BrightWatch aspires to build tighter integrations between various surveillance disciplines, including access control and video cameras with alarms. This will create more options for open APIs—shedding the limits of legacy systems. BrightWatch’s positioning, in this respect, enables them to help enterprise clients make this shift, raise awareness toward emerging physical security technologies and build adaptive solutions that can reliably protect businesses from evolving threats.


Austin, Texas

Stacy Aronson, Managing Partner

BrightWatch was founded by security industry veterans who saw the need for vastly improved offerings in video surveillance and security-related offerings. They set out with the goal of bringing accountability and a better vision to everyday situations by utilizing the most innovative security surveillance and access control products available