Brightcove [NASDAQ:BCOV]: Revolutionizing Online Video Experiences

David Mendels, CEO
The online video revolution in the ‘go digital’ era has reached a long way from the early days of playing low-quality, short, postage stamp sized videos in a run-of-the-mill web browser. “We founded Brightcove [NASDAQ:BCOV] on the vision that combining video and the open Internet would change everything, every company would be a media company; every media company would be an Internet company; video would be the primary data type of the Internet,” says David Mendels, CEO, Brightcove. “The proliferation of amazingly capable consumer devices in our hands and our living rooms has made online video a mainstream consumer experience.” Brightcove brings together the value of “instant access” and the Internet as a whole to deliver and monetize videos across connected devices.

The firm’s flagship solution, Video Cloud streamlines the convolutions of next-generation online video distribution and publishing with the full-scale flexibility that a brand needs. Video Cloud has the capability to keep track of and organize thousands of assets with custom metadata and playlists. With the innovative online video hosting platform, enterprises can easily customize videos to reach the audience, irrespective of their destination and the device they use—enabling users to enjoy the feel of TV-like experience. By incorporating HTML5 user interface, “Video Cloud delivers the workflows and performance that allow our customers to accelerate time-to-live, publish video from any device, scale content management, and understand the impact of video through analytics and reporting,” emphasizes Mendels. By centrally controlling content for publishers, broadcasters, distributors, brands and organizations, Video Cloud supports a blended distribution strategy across the Internet allowing customers to distribute videos on their sharing sites like YouTube.

The success story of Dunkin’ Brands [NASDAQ:DNKN]—the holdings group that controls the popular chain of global restaurants—in obtaining greater return on investment by increasing the company’s engagement with franchise owners is a testament to Brightcove’s expertise.
As a part of their recent launch of a new frozen beverage, Dunkin’s Corporate Communications department needed to convey to each franchisee about the ingredients used in the beverages, demonstrate how to use, set up, and clean the new machine. As they started to generate a lot of content, the company was on a quest to host their digital assets through a video platform. To that end, Brightcove’s online video platform made it easy for Dunkin’s franchise owners to view and replay videos with greater frequency, whenever they needed.

Video Cloud delivers the workflows and performance that allow our customers to accelerate time-to-live, publish video from any device

A new Brightcove study states that nearly 80 percent of consumers feel that social video is an ideal way to get to know about a brand on digital channels. Though content owners recognize the power of video on social networks that increases reach and engagement, they also find distributing video on these platforms to be time-consuming and inefficient. To embolden media companies, Brightcove Social, the firm’s social video product offering simplifies the publishing workflow via one easy-to-use, central management and analytics platform for videos to take full advantage of publishing efficiency and increased ROI. “For marketers, enterprises, and media organizations using social platforms today, it’s the wild, wild west,” notes Mendels. “Brightcove Social is the first solution that simplifies the process by putting all the tools to edit, distribute, and analyze the performance of native social video in one place.”

Expanding on Brightcove Social is something Brightcove is deeply vested in. Given the value proposition of its solutions, the company has witnessed eminent traction and will continue to broaden the bridge it has built between the users and media companies to truly enhance the experience on both ends.


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David Mendels, CEO

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