BrightPattern: Delivering Next Generation Cloud Contact Center Solutions

CIO VendorKonstantin Kishinsky, Co-Founder and CEO
Managing customers and providing them with a rich user experience remains a challenging task for companies as customers demand new ways to engage with brands in the present technology driven generation. They expect to contact companies the same way they communicate with friends - over a multitude of channels. To address these issues, brands turn to their contact center solution providers. However these providers are loathe to cannibalize their existing revenue streams based on outdated legacy premise solutions, or they provide a sub-standard cloud solution that is effectively a ‘cut and paste’ implementation of a legacy solution in the cloud, providing little to no additional value.

In contrast, BrightPattern aligns brands with current end-user expectations by delivering next-generation cloud contact center solutions that traditional vendors, and first-generation cloud providers, mostly fail to provide. Founded in 2010, BrightPattern delivers on the promise of enterprise-grade functionality, reliability, and scalability, which is otherwise unfulfilled in the sector. The company empowers contact centers – and their customers – with the convenience of channel hopping at any time during the engagement, relying on a unified software platform that natively supports voice, web chat, mobile, and other, channels.

Further, the company has vastly simplified provisioning for functionality that requires tremendous effort on legacy solutions. For example, configuring virtual queuing is a ‘one-click’ process on the Bright Pattern platform, compared to hours of administration with other vendors. “BrightPattern is the first contact center software vendor to provide self-provisioning for customers, allowing immediate access to software in the public and private cloud and hybrid deployment options. Our SaaS delivery model further adds service elasticity and the ability to reconfigure rapidly and effortlessly as business conditions demand,” said Konstantin Kishinsky, Co-Founder and CEO.
Unique in the sector, Bright Pattern can also provide customers with software alone, for private-cloud deployments on lower-cost, off-the-shelf hardware, a perfect option for BPOs (Business Process Outsourcers) and other large enterprises that want the cost-savings and flexibility of the cloud model, but with on-premise peace of mind.

Focusing on Sophisticated Solutions

San Bruno, CA based Bright Pattern’s solution, known as Service Pattern, enables brands to address evolving customer expectations, and engage on proliferating channels beyond the telephone, progressing to web chat, social media, text messaging, and video. BrightPattern further augments the service with outstanding customer support and professional services, private and hybrid cloud deployment options, SAS-70 data centers, and PCI compliance.

BrightPattern has attracted various companies globally with its sophisticated solutions and formidable service. “The largest BPO in Japan, providing roadside assistance, and other services, runs thousands of agents on Service Pattern. We also have a number of reseller agreements with OEM partners worldwide, such as a U.S.-based, global, $2 billion per annum, communications solutions provider, and a major worldwide information and telecommunications systems provider with over $5 billion per year in revenue. Additionally, Aspect Software, a well-known and long-established contact center solution provider, is also a reseller” continued Konstantin.

Aiming for a Greater Tomorrow

BrightPattern has ambitious growth plans for the future, and intends to be at the forefront of exploiting the unique abilities of their platform to migrate contact centers to the cloud through private and hybrid cloud deployment models. Other plans for the firm revolve around empowering their channel partners and growing its sales force to fuel continued expansion at the international level, and further boost revenue growth.


San Bruno, CA

Konstantin Kishinsky, Co-Founder and CEO

A technology innovator delivering cloud-based contact center software that ensures superior customer experience