Brightside: Delivering Agile and Adaptable IT Services

Rich Hervig, CEO
Organizations across all verticals are undergoing a massive transformation as IT plays an increasingly important role in all aspects of business. IT support companies must adapt with the changing technology and demands and look more closely at innovation rather than maintenance. “With the number of IP-enabled devices multiplying at an alarming rate, we are in the midst of a data explosion. Storage, Bandwidth and Security concerns have growing businesses depending on IT more than ever before,” says Rich Hervig, CEO, Brightside.

To curb the complexities around the IT landscape, Atlanta, GA-based Brightside assists organizations by constantly monitoring, assessing, and reporting the trends. “We continuously watch for and test new innovations and technologies that might be a good fit for the networks we manage,” he adds.

Brightside offers innovative IT design, implementation, and management for small businesses. The company’s managed services allow small businesses to transfer the responsibility of managing their entire IT operations for a fixed monthly fee. “The fee is based on the size and scope of the network and the complexity level and responsibilities the network brings,” says Hervig. Brightside helps their clients succeed by strategically solving their unique technology challenges in the most cost effective and efficient ways possible. The company ensures that their client’s networks are properly set up, secured, monitored, and maintained to avoid any problems that would affect productivity. “Our proactive approach enables us to catch troublesome small issues in the network before they become expensive problems to effectively eliminate downtime and maximize performance,” explains Hervig.

The company also helps healthcare organizations by assisting them with HIPAA compliance and data management strategies. Additionally, Brightside provides strategic partnerships with hardware and bandwidth providers, data centers, imaging solutions companies, and PM/EHR application companies.

Agility and adaptability are key to success in this rapidly changing information technology landscape

The company firmly believes that to maintain a strong and loyal client base you must always strive to deliver unparalleled services at a reasonable cost.

To highlight one of Brightside’s customer success stories, a well know medical practice, with the help of Brightside, was able to grow their five offices to fifteen in less than three years. Brightside helped the customer by leveraging virtualization technologies and building a virtual terminal server farm they were able to add new remote desktop servers, users, and offices during the growth period without any hardware upgrades. “This process enabled the client to grow unencumbered by the worry of expensive IT infrastructure costs and delays and enabled them to stay focused on their continued success,” affirms Hervig.

Brightside’s company culture preaches three important aspects—responsiveness, communication, and friendliness—that focus sets them apart from most others in the industry. “We have a ‘Rapid Response Guarantee’ which promises the four nines,” explains Hervig. “A nine minute or less response to any ticket emailed in or entered in our client portal, and every phone call answered in nine seconds or less.” Brightside guarantees to do this at least 99 percent of the time or its clients are entitled to a month of service at no charge.

Taking positive strides towards the future, Brightside aims to expand its operations geographically. “I see us moving into Tennessee and Alabama in the next two years, Chattanooga and Birmingham are both progressive cities and I think we would be well received,” concludes Hervig.


Atlanta, GA

Rich Hervig, CEO

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