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Khaled Elamrawi, President
Today, most of the high performance computing (HPC) customers are looking at different ways to get better performance. There is a need for optimized performance with low budget and low power consumption. The immediate solution that lies before them is to optimize or modernize their codes to extract the maximum possible value and performance of the new hardware. “How well a company can take the advantage of the new hardware architecture that is available in the market place every year is what defines their success,” says Khaled Elamrawi, President, Brightskies Technologies.

He adds, “Most of the companies today are interested in using the high performance computing cluster but not necessarily managing it.” With the experience of managing enterprise business for Intel in the Middle East, Turkey and African regions, Khaled has understood over the years the pain points still not catered by HPC service providers. To fill this gap, Brightskies Technologies provides clients with innovative technology and high quality services in the field of high performance computing. “We have a successful business model providing a portfolio of HPC services at the cluster and applications management level as well as at the code modernization level,” adds Elamrawi. The firm offers consultancy services to define the HPC solution architecture, services for installation and deployment of the required solution stack and training on the different cluster tools and code parallelization and optimization techniques, among others. The firm offers their services, supports their customers at a global level, and has customers who are among the top 500 in the world. Through its solutions, the firm lets their customers focus on their domain expertise.

“As a services company, we are hardware and software agnostic. We develop knowledge and skills to work on different solutions in the market,” says Elamrawi. The company improves its knowledge and skills required to work and operate on any of the tools available in the market place according to their clients need.

Most of the companies today are interested in using the high performance computing cluster but not necessarily managing it

With these skills, they produce the optimized and modernized codes for the new hardware architecture to efficiently solve various technical problems. Besides, designing, building, and operating HPC clusters, application management as well as code optimization to customers, the company provides training to leverage them.

The two primary verticals the company focuses are on the higher education and oil and gas industry. Brightskies services recently assisted a pro research community to build an innovative HPC solution over cloud. In another case, by optimizing codes, the firm was able to deliver significant improvement in obtaining seismic data images with minimal usage of time, power, and money.

The company today, is a prominent provider of services in the field of HPC and Code Optimization as well as the Embedded Software Development space. The firm has a global footprint spanning across the U.S., Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. “We will continue to invest in expanding our offerings at both system and application level in the HPC space,” notes Khaled Elamrawi. The company is also hoping to invest in high performing data analysis, innovating and delivering new products and technologies that focus on the oil and gas industry. “HPC continues to change the world and Brightskies Technologies will continue to contribute to the big change HPC is bringing to the world,” concludes Elamrawi.

Brightskies Technologies

Alexandria, Egypt

Khaled Elamrawi, President

Provider of high quality services in the field of High Performance Computing and Code Optimization

Brightskies Technologies