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Jon Parker, CEO In the wake of enterprises scaling in size and sophistication, the deluge of information being generated internally is exponential. With organizational departments and business units transcending continents, the siloed information has to be brought under a single umbrella to drive efficiency and competitiveness. While intranets are about allowing rapid and intuitive information discovery, better decision making, and increased productivity, businesses can achieve the ROI they expect only when the intranet balances form and factor to drive amazing user adoption. “Our art is challenging the status quo and creating solutions that can change the way people work,” says John Parker, CEO, BrightStarr. As a professional services company, BrightStarr helps clients gain maximum ROI and competitive advantage through the expert implementation of enterprise technologies, such as SharePoint, Windows Azure, Office 365, Windows Phone, and Sitecore. BrightStarr’s range of solutions encompasses corporate intranets, social platforms, and website experiences.

A Microsoft Gold partner, BrightStarr understands the digital workplace and builds best of class solutions that increase employee productivity, elevate brands, and create multi-channel revenue opportunities. With intranets developed using SharePoint continuing its market dominance, Parker says, “We have over 400 engagements with SharePoint in all its different flavors and variations. Our uniqueness is the blend of both creative and technical skills, which when combined, delivers a truly extraordinary digital experience.”

BrightStarr’s highly qualified global team of SharePoint 2013 and 2010 Microsoft Certified Technology Specialists delivers consistent results that exceed client expectations in every consultancy project. “Our SharePoint consultants, architects, developers, designers or trainers all have one thing in common; they work with SharePoint every day incorporating cutting-edge design and technical excellence into all of our customer engagements,” states the CEO.

Crafting a Seamless Experience

It is a given fact that efficient businesses are those that can provide timely and accurate information to employees, enabling knowledge sharing. The intranet is the digital hub, which can bring in collaboration among the staff. In pace with Microsoft’s evolving cloud platform, the BrightStarr team recognized an opportunity to use their skills, knowledge, and experience to build a best in class Intranet as a Service Software—Unily. Based on SharePoint, Office 365, Yammer, and Azure, Unily delivers a seamless, intuitive and unique branded solution weaving together the very best features of these products.

The intuitive interface facilitates strong experiences for internal communication, document management, people directory, workspaces, enterprise social and more. Furthermore, with Unily’s unique content management system,

We have over 400 engagements with SharePoint in all its different flavors and variations

content creation becomes a simple task, making Unily intranet the central hub for employees to collaborate and get their work done.Built on Microsoft’s scalable enterprise suite, Office 365, where each component of the suite delivers significant value independently, Unily blurs the lines between each product to provide a complete and seamless experience. The employees can thereby intuitively share content, connect with their colleagues, and access the necessary information. In today’s world, where cross channel experiences are key to getting employees engaged in an intranet, Unily boasts a first-class, cross channel strategy with adaptive experiences for desktop, tablet, and mobile.

BrightStarr’s approach and proven methodology help organizations to maximize SharePoint’s inherent abilities and functions in a way that works best for the business. For instance, to manage the barrage of information that is created every day, effective document management is essential. Through SharePoint’s document management, better customer service can be envisaged without increase in resources while information is made more accessible, at a faster rate. Seamless integration of extranet self-service portals with specified document stores allows customers to find the knowledge they seek quickly.

Document management can also bring legal and compliance benefits by providing a single version of the truth for any point in time, enabling risk mitigation. BrightStarr’s highly qualified team applies thousands of hours of SharePoint expertise gained over the years to deliver successful project outcomes with SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013 document management. BrightStarr works with its clients to develop the right data taxonomies, powerful records management, and customized search. Utilizing single drop off points and sharing through the cloud, BrightStarr’s consultants make it simpler for users to store data in a way that benefits the whole organization.

Rapid Information Accessibility

In addition to bringing all the data together in one place, users quickly need the information they are looking for and this is not about returning quicker results, but the most relevant results as well. Microsoft SharePoint 2013’s functionality allows users to benefit from full content indexing across multiple content sources, continuous crawling, entity extraction, ranking models, and result sources. Brightstarr’s work with the latest Microsoft Enterprise Search technology focuses on returning the most accurate results for users.

The BrightStarr team believes in setting clear expectations and coordinating with clients to deliver the best digital experiences. Every engagement is underpinned by a result-focused strategy supported by strategic professional account management, decades of experience, detailed client reporting, and regular communication, which ensures every project exceeds client expectations.
“Our team works with SharePoint every day incorporating cutting-edge design and technical excellence into all of our customer engagements”

For instance, Linklaters, a global legal firm, was running outdated SharePoint 2007 intranet which had become weighed down with years of accumulated knowledge and was no longer serving the purpose. They wanted to capitalize on their internal knowledge pool, supporting employees in finding the information they needed in a faster and easier way. Toward this, Linklaters adopted a cutting edge intranet built on SharePoint 2013 as the new knowledge management solution. Being in the legal industry, Linklaters’s staff needed to quickly access the intranet to be abreast of the latest information. The BrightStarr team worked closely with Linklaters to achieve the goal of developing a whole new way to search. Linklaters’s new intranet solution not only empowered staff with easy access to trusted knowledge, but also refined the knowledge base, while the new and powerful search functionality of SharePoint 2013 made finding information easier than before. The speed of locating information was very high and efforts were initiated to ensure that the validity of the information within the intranet provided a single version of the truth. In addition, the new intranet delivered unique and engaging experience for the staff.

Defining Intranet Strategies

In the evolving technology landscape, SharePoint with its rich features raises the bar with every new release. However, out-of-the-box functionalities will not meet the enterprise’s unique challenges and goals every time. BrightStarr develops special, custom, or bespoke solutions that fill needs, meet requirements, and deliver a ROI.

The company’s development projects follow Kinetica methodology for effective SharePoint development. Leveraging expertise from years of delivering Microsoft based solutions for customers, BrightStarr’s Kinetica is a flexible delivery methodology that encompasses structured activities, plans, and deliverables taking into account the uniqueness of every business. Through its Kinetica methodology that enables projects to be tracked through a planned engagement, BrightStarr ensures the delivery of SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint 2016 Intranets that provide required results to every customer.

BrightStarr’s experience in implementing all versions of SharePoint from SP2007–SP2016 drives value for clients across the SharePoint continuum. With SharePoint 2016 slated for spring release next year, Parker brings to focus the key attribute of SharePoint 2016—the next generation hybrid search. By effectively indexing all the content for a client and providing one set of results with combined search relevancy ranking, SharePoint 2016 is set to vastly improve the user experience.

At BrightStarr, the onus is on supporting and maintaining technology to maximize its benefits. The firm extends its ongoing SharePoint support and maintenance via a number of flexible agreements for on-premise or cloud-centric Office 365 solution. With offices in UK, New York, and a development center in Argentina, BrightStarr continues to help shape the intranet business strategy for clients—crafting a sustainable business case of “why intranets matter.”


New York City, NY

Jon Parker, CEO

Helps clients gain maximum return on investment and competitive advantage through the implementation of enterprise technologies such as SharePoint, Windows Azure, Office 365, Windows phone and Sitecore.