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Raj Mamodia, CEO
It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change—Charles Darwin

When famous naturalist and geologist, Charles Darwin posited his celebrated theory, clearly he was indicating the science behind evolution, but without a doubt, today his words resonate deeply with the current scenario in digital transformation. The historic digital age brought about with it exponential change and companies that don't tap into this new market or get too comfortable with their status quo are at major risk. The only sustainable advantage that companies should have their eyes on is the ability to re-invent alongside adopting business agility. But while the significance of digital transformation cannot be reiterated enough, how many industry players can claim the title of being a 100 percent digital business?

According to Raj Mamodia, CEO, of Brillio, a common challenge is that digital is still perceived as a department instead of a way of business. Brillio a global technology consulting and business solutions company that empowers companies to jumpstart digital transformation is all set to change that. Founded in 2014, Brillio's superior value proposition is highlighted through the fact that in a short span of time, they have over 200 customers globally, serving over 40 of the Fortune 1000 clients from the banking, CPG, retail, and media and entertainment industries. Brillio has carved a niche for itself by leveraging disruptive technologies such as analytics, cloud, mobile, and machine learning to create new customer experiences. In short, Brillio is challenging the conventional approach to enterprise IT and is wired for speed to ensure that clients gain a competitive edge in a fast-changing environment. Behind Brillio's brilliance is Raj Mamodia who has held leadership positions with industry bigwigs such as Cognizant and Collabera. Under Mamodia the company is on track to reach over $500Mn in revenue by 2020.

The Next Frontier in Digital Experience

A major reason behind Brillio’s present success is because they are building meaningful engagement and digital experiences that customers love. Whether the need is for a mobile application, sales platform, or internal dashboards, Brillio keenly listens to the voice of their customers and turns them into actionable insights. To actuate this, Brillio's top-notch design team comprises user researchers, interactive designers, and art directors that are spread across global delivery centers. Through a process of rapid experimentation, Brillio churns out innovative cloud-based solutions while following a holistic approach from design through rollout. To accelerate cloud adoption, the company uses its proprietary platform CLIP that ensures end-to-end visibility into cloud services utilization and expenses across multiple accounts or services. Specifically for enterprises that want to modernize their infrastructure while using their on-premise SAP solutions, Brillio has the perfect solution. Brillio’s Migration strategy leverage MS Interoperability to redefine the SAP and Microsoft developer landscape with shorter development cycles, reduced costs, and increased efficiency. Brillio leverages CLIP to assess a client's environment and requirements, which is integrated with the best-in-class monitoring tool for SAP workload monitoring and management. Apart from digital integration, Brillio also takes charge of content collaboration and creates relevant content to foster engagement both internally and externally.

In order to bring the most advanced digital transformation strategies to the enterprise, this year Brillio also partnered with Comity Designs, a cloud and mobile solutions provider and notable Salesforce consulting partner. The addition of Comity makes Brillio a partner of choice for digital transformation engagements and further strengthens engagement with C-suite and line-of-business executives. “Together with Comity, we have industry leading front-office transformation capabilities that help clients deliver differentiated and engaging experiences to their customers,” said Mamodia.

To substantiate Brillio's state-of-the-art services through real-world examples, the story of MasterCard is befitting. When the multinational financial services corporation approached Brillio they wanted to test an idea for a consumer transit app that would integrate commuter information and payment methods.
In a matter of three weeks Brillio conceived, designed, and developed an application which was also tested for scale. Currently the application has been extended to multiple transit authorities. In another case in point, Puma wanted to build a dashboard that would allow employees to use their internal ID dashboard on a regular basis while keeping the brand alive. In no time Brillio created a dashboard analytics and ease-of-use functionality while infusing the "fun element" that Puma was stressing on.

Exceptional Digital Experiences

Not stopping at design and implementation of cutting-edge applications, Brillio also steals the show when it comes to developing data-driven strategies. They are adept at data visualization and the solution developed from years of experience, includes ready-to-use templates with intuitive plug-and-play features. To analyze the data and analytics maturity of an organization, Brillio uses the Analytics Readiness Index (ARI) to determine the best fit solution. Apart from proprietary frameworks, the company uses advanced analytics solutions that move beyond passive, descriptive analytics by deploying their own analytics engine coupled with a data scientist toolbox that provides forecasting, pricing, and voice analytics. Brillio’s solution also enables the extraction of rich information from videos and images to create personalized recommendations for customers.

Working with Brillio is just the push that Coats, a multi-national company needed to process information quicker and with greater detail in order to enhance sales projections and production capacity planning. With Brillio, Coats seamlessly deployed a unified business intelligence platform across offices in more than 50 countries, bringing a greater visibility into key performance trends. Moreover, the engagement was completed without disruption to Coats’ global operations and reduced operational costs. The project required, the client's entire SAP on-premise to be migrated to Microsoft Azure, and this was done with 90 percent efficiency. Reporting that previously took six hours to produce currently takes a matter of minutes and Coats can now in near real time, accurately predict inventory costs, volumes, sales projections, and capacity planning.

Technology with a Human Touch>

Brillio’s customers receive additional advantage in every engagement, when they sign up for Advanced Technology Group (ATG), an in-house innovation and emerging technology incubation center. For maximum client benefit, the team at ATG constantly tracks market trends and identifies opportunities to accelerate a customers' market advantage. For instance, realizing the enormous potential of blockchain, Brillio decided to innovatively leverage it for a variety of use cases. In the energy and utility industry, the company uses blockchain to balance the demand and supply of electricity leading to a new dynamic for the industry. Whereas in procurement, blockchain enables Brillio to easily integrate stakeholders, ensure security and tamper-resistant information sharing, and simplify the complex process of vendor identification and evaluation.

As an organization, Brillio believes in bringing out their best version, and this reflects in the culture and values that the company embodies. Where others see roadblocks, Brillio sees opportunities and in that light, customer success and excellence are their top priorities. By fostering an inclusive work environment, Brillio banks on its employees' diverse backgrounds and perspectives to spark innovation. Brillio's winning engagement models also caught the attention of research and advisory firms, Gartner, Forrestor, and IDC, and the company has been recognized for excelling at deeper technological and process transformations.

The future holds even favorable prospects for this one-of-a-kind company that is emerging as the kingpin in digital technologies .Today, by applying technology with a human touch, Brillio is undeniably redefining internal and external digital transformation and they are the new know how in catering digital experiences.


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Raj Mamodia, CEO

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