Brite:Bill- Bills that Preserve Brand Promise

Alan Coleman, CEO
An overcrowded service industry often portrays the picture of a congested marketplace, with vendors calling out attractive prices, highlighting their unique features and claiming superior quality. These initial neon signs may bring them customers, but the real test of the bond is when it’s time to bill the customer. Service-based businesses may have already transformed the way they engage new customers, and distribute personalized promotional content. However, bills, which are sent to customers were never considered a premium form of communication, but ironically they are—when the dust settles—the dominant factor that can make or break their relationship with customers. “Customers hate surprises, particularly ones that go unmentioned along with an unqualified demand for payment,” says Alan Coleman, CEO at Brite:Bill. In this relatively critical area of Customer Experience Management, Brite:Bill provides managed billing communication solutions that ensure that the first bill and every bill thereafter meets and exceeds the customer expectations in terms of brand promise, trust and transparency.

The Brite:Bill solution brings world-class design expertise to analyze, update, and monitor bills with any required frequency, ensuring that any problem in billing data is resolved for the customer with a cognizant communications strategy. Alan attributes the company’s uniqueness to this approach, “We understand the power that personalized billing data can have, when used beyond just the billing moment.” Brite:Bill ensures an omnichannel billing communication to deliver such experiences to customers with regard to their billing information.

Brite:Bill counts telco giants such as Sprint, Comcast and Rogers Communications among its customers. These and other forward thinking Service providers are turning to Brite:Bill to fortify their billing communications across paper, web and mobile channels. Brite:Bill works closely with its clients to design new and improved customer billing communication systems that dramatically reduce expensive billing related calls to their contact center, and more importantly, alleviate the customer dissatisfaction associated with erroneous bills.

The bill itself has better customer attention than any other medium for in-life customer communication

Brite:Bill’s success in recent years is attributed to their ability to make billing clear, transparent and consistent with itemized breakdown of charges, taxes and savings, and an emphasis on an intuitive design. Explanatory graphical representations allow customers to quickly browse through information like changes in plans/services, and in the case of shared data plans, a breakdown of household usage versus individual allowances. “We spend a lot of time on design and specifically how disciplines such as information architecture, behavioral science and UX can impact on the success of a billing communication,” substantiates Alan.

The ability to provide a single architecture for two vastly different billing mechanisms—consumer and corporate—is yet another feather on the Brite:Bill hat. While consumer billing demands personalization algorithms and corporate billing requires complex data transformation and querying techniques, Brite:Bill brings the power of both worlds to the single solution. Extending that capability, the team is currently working on bots and Natural Language Processing (NPL) technologies. The company is also working on automating dispute resolution calls for both Communication Service Providers (CSPs) as well as their customers.

While advancements like these signify Brite:Bill’s innovation-driven work culture and its journey from a startup to the present, handling a monthly bulk of $5 billion worth of bills, Alan states that the vision has remained unfazed. “The bill itself has better customer attention than any other medium for in-life customer communication,” he summarizes, highlighting what their solution means to CSPs, “If used correctly it can be the conduit for a happy customer who is motivated and interested in adding new services to their plan.”


Dublin 2, Ireland

Alan Coleman, CEO

Provides managed billing communication solutions to analyze, update, and monitor bills, and deliver personalized experiences to the consumer