Broadsmart: The Boutique Service Experience

Kerrin J. Parker, CEO
The seamless integration of communication devices into a cohesive and reliable system is definitely a boon for enterprises. In the unified communications (UC) arena, the challenge for enterprises is ensuring all the different devices and software work in tandem to guarantee seamless communication. While traditional UCaaS providers deliver a pre-set packaged solution, the West Palm Beach-based Broadsmart goes the extra mile to provide unified communications solutions with a personalized approach. With service as the key differentiator, Broadsmart’s guidance and expertise extend right from the initial consultation to ongoing support, which many companies pay a third-party to manage or coordinate. “With Broadsmart, all these are an integral part of the process; we’re a one-stop shop for communications and connectivity solutions,” states Kerrin J. Parker, CEO of Broadsmart.

As a part of its end-to-end unified communication solution, Broadsmart offers network design and security solutions alongside hosted voice, fiber connectivity solutions, SIP/IP trunking and more, improving collaboration and boosting productivity across organizations. As a single vendor delivering a customized solution, Broadsmart begins its implementation journey by investing more than 20 to 30 hours on technical discovery. The dedicated project manager assigned to each client ensures the design meets all of their client’s requirements and adheres to best practices, taking 100 percent accountability for the results of the solution deployed. “Apart from the white-glove service, we also ensure that our solutions work seamlessly with the client’s existing infrastructure,” says Kerrin.

In addition to the boutique service, customization and competitive pricing, Broadsmart stands apart because they don’t need to rely on other third-party CLEC carriers to provide the essential part of the communications solution–inbound or outbound calling. The acquisition by MagicJack has facilitated access to a world-class, nationwide cloud CLEC network that enables Broadsmart to deliver the best industry uptime and premium cloud services without the usual extravagant price tag.

We’re a one-stop shop for communications and connectivity solutions

Broadsmart has lived up to the expectations of its varied customers with establishments across multiple locations and complex networking requirements. Kerrin draws attention to Broadsmart’s prowess in helping restaurant and retail chains migrate to a newer, better solution that is simple to use and offers real cost savings.

Kerrin cites an instance where a restaurant with 900 branches and inefficient communication infrastructure benefited from Broadsmart’s seamlessly integrated communication process between all its branches. “We worked with them hand in hand to modernize their infrastructure in a phased manner taking into account their ISP, the POTS line, firewall, switching and cabling in every site. Broadsmart helped the retailer who in fact had little knowledge regarding their various service providers consolidate all the information across various stores. On completion, the retailer had total visibility of the inventory in each store, the phone numbers, and the routing schema; even the billing was broken down store-wise, which ensured they were aware of the management costs. “This taps into the DNA of our company–working with us is like partnering with a startup that delivers a fantastic service, recognizes your name when you call and is interested in building a long-term relationship,” affirms Kerrin.

According to Kerrin, for the year ahead, Broadsmart has envisioned technological advancements that will enable clients to gain more from a collaboration and security perspective. “The big driver, however, will be innovating our professional and technical services offerings to ensure our customers are 100 percent satisfied.”


West Palm Beach, FL

Kerrin J. Parker, CEO

Delivers unified communications, hosted voice, fiber connectivity solutions, SIP/IP trunking and more to organizations to improve collaboration and boost ROI and communication processes