BroadVision [NASDAQ:BVSN]: Embracing Digital Disruption through Knowledge

Dr. Pehong Chen, CEO
“By any means, the fundamental basis for digital transformation lies in improving the way businesses communicate, collaborate, and organize their collective knowledge, both inside and outside the company.” Coming from a serial entrepreneur like Dr. Pehong Chen, this bold statement has gone into the genesis and evolution of the company he founded, BroadVision [NASDAQ:BVSN].

Although organizations are adopting enterprise communication tools as part of a digital strategy to adapt to changing business requirements, the solutions are not deep rooted and lack the ability to modify and improve the work culture fundamentally. Understanding that digital transformation requires an enterprise-level transformation, BroadVision builds business tools that make the most of the company’s existing capabilities while tapping into undiscovered talent.

Incorporating the fundamental requirements needed for digital transformation, BroadVision helps organizations unify information and communications into one single source, leading to lesser clutter and fragmentation, and ultimately delivering time and money savings. BroadVision’s Vmoso—where knowledge management meets mobile collaboration—is a secure workplace communication and collaboration solution designed to maximize organizational productivity, improve problem-solving skills, and adapt and evolve to meet changing business requirements.

The collaboration tool captures the knowledge at the source, interweaves a holistic web of information via links, and empowers ‘high-value collaboration’ within the organization, thus enabling employees to communicate quickly, exchange information, and retain that information. It is their pursuit of a “single source of truth” that allows BroadVision’s clients to seamlessly move from desktop to mobile—eliminating the fragmented world that today’s enterprises work in. The mobile-centric platform also improves the efficiency of the initial collaboration and significantly reduces the time required to go back and find content later. When it comes to the external aspect of the organization, Vmoso’s “high-touch engagement” provides customers and business partners, a focal point for all their communication happening within the company.

Vmoso’s double-sided approach toward knowledge management is the result of a unique blend between four modules.

Through BroadVision’s methodology, there will be a paradigm shift in how things are done, as we change the approach from ground-up

The firm uses ‘Messaging’ services to enable smarter communication between employees through IMs and email-like messages. The ‘Knowledge Management’ module captures and organizes the information shared in all those messages and attached files for easy searchability. The ‘Collaborative Process Management’ brings structure and accountability to collaboration between unpredictable human-to-human interactions. To avoid yet another stand-alone communication tool for clients, Vmoso’s ‘Enterprise integration’ integrates their digital workplace into legacy communication systems like email, enterprise resource planning (ERP), product lifecycle management (PLM), and customer relationship management (CRM) systems.

Additionally, BroadVision couples the product with an enterprise transformation methodology that is designed to help organizations make the transition seamlessly. “Through BroadVision’s methodology, there will be a paradigm shift in how things are done, as we change the approach from ground-up, and enable organizations to truly transform,” asserts Dr. Chen. By bringing the four core elements together, and integrating them into the core systems, Vmoso provides a strong foundation for newer innovations to be built on and serves as the perfect platform to encompass future digital transformation projects that BroadVision’s clients may undergo.

Companies around the world have trusted BroadVision with their communication, collaboration, and e-business needs since 1993. Earlier this year, BroadVision expanded Vmoso’s distribution footprint with enhanced sales channels, public and private cloud deployment capacities, technical and strategic consulting, systems integration, and customer support capabilities across a number of key markets on a global basis. Using the ever-expanding Vmoso ecosystem, Dr. Chen plans to offer the most compelling digital enterprise transformation platform that will reshape how the entire industry communicates.


Redwood City, CA

Dr. Pehong Chen, CEO

Allows organizations to handle all their communication and collaboration needs, while capturing real-time knowledge at the source