BroadVision [NASDAQ: BVSN]: Mobile Centric Platform for Collaborative Knowledge Management

Pehong Chen, CEO
The era of mobile and cloud has invaded the enterprise landscape, dramatically influencing the location of content. “More content ends up on employees’ phones than office desktops,” begins Pehong Chen, CEO, BroadVision [NASDAQ: BVSN]. The ease of accessing content from anywhere on any device has brought with itself the challenge of managing the disparate sources of data making knowledge management fragmented. Addressing this pain point is Redwood City, CA based BroadVision. “Our mobile-centric unified solution Vmoso helps to communicate, collaborate, engage with customers, co-workers or partners and consolidate all the content,” explains Chen. “Vmoso is aiming to address today’s digital business transformation challenges by unifying five essential workplace activities— email, instant messaging, content sharing, workflow, and social networking─into a cohesive platform, fully integrated with any external data or content sources, forming a single source of truth across a comprehensive knowledge web,” which BroadVision believes can significantly enhance both internal collaboration and external engagement, delivering substantial gains in both business velocity and value.

Vmoso helps users to manage their projects through creation of folders, personal spaces and secure chats designed for knowledge exchanges and collaboration across teams. “Vmoso engages users, connects them and organizes various activities with intuitive user experience and security,” explains Chen. Teams across the globe can share relevant documents easily through their mobile phones and can conduct all the communication—internal or external—to the enterprise, while capturing knowl-edge at the source. The project manager can effectively create the proposal and send to team members for review to ensure accuracy. Vmoso also helps in change management by allowing users to simply add a request for change in Vmoso.

The Vmoso Digital Transformation methodology enables planning, establishing and refining every enterprise’s digital transformation needs. It helps companies share and retain corporate knowledge for actionable insights and informed decision making.
Once the strategy is planned, both internal and external users can be provisioned on Vmoso for accessing a rich variety of collaboration channels, including dedicated Chat channels for private conversations, issue-specific Task channels for activities involving structured workflow, and hierarchical workspaces (folders) into which Post channels can be employed to maximize serendipitous knowledge sharing. “We make it easier for employees to collaborate with each other as well as companies to engage with customers directly via a “high-touch” experience, empowering them to get things done faster, cheaper, and better.” This also ensures superior operational consistency and business continuity, because knowledge management is built into the communication, collaboration, and engagement process holistically. “This way, everyone’s activities get retained and weaved into the corporate knowledge web automatically, upon which every other user can quickly and easily discover, learn, retain, and act,” says Chen.

The firm’s esteemed clientele spans over a number of sectors including healthcare, financial services, manufacturing and retail. In one instance, a consulting firm was building a project for its customer with employees across three countries. Vmoso helped them manage the project between members of geographically dispersed project teams, and with the client. Vmoso enabled efficient communication and collaboration with a single source of truth for all project knowledge, ensuring all project stakeholders have easy access to the latest information.

Focusing on client needs across the globe, BroadVision has been internationalized to support all major languages of the world. Its latest release includes “Vmoso Big Knowledge”, which generates a real-time knowledge map automatically for each user, based on interconnected hyperlinks captured upon content creation. Furthermore, it can also perform additional big data analytics for deeper insights into business intelligence. “We call it CAP—Connectivity, Activity and Popularity, giving users insights into different assets of Vmoso,” elucidates Chen. “We are also introducing Vmoso process management to blend traditional structured collaboration with unstructured processes to create a strong set of knowledge source.”


Redwood City, CA

Pehong Chen, CEO

Vmoso is a mobile-centric platform for empowering digital business transformation, where knowledge management unifies enterprise communication, collaboration, and engagement