Brosix: A Security-First UC Platform

Stefan Chekanov, Co-Founder & CEO
In the fast moving world today, every enterprise operation needs to be managed in real-time— especially communication. To that end, Instant Messaging (IM) and Unified Communications (UC) are gaining momentum as critical technologies and as the communication backbone for enterprise productivity. However, “Enterprises struggle to find IM applications that offer the customized features they want, without skimping on security,” states Stefan Chekanov, Co-Founder and CEO, Brosix. In this light, Brosix is on a mission to cater to the communication needs of modern enterprises with leading-edge UC technology, while ensuring top-notch security. “We offer high level UC features such as screen sharing, voice chats, and many more that enterprises seek today,” he adds. With unmatched capabilities to enable a collaborative workforce through a secure UC platform, Brosix is transforming the way employees communicate and collaborate.

Brosix’s enterprise IM network drives internal communication in any organization through a plethora of features specifically designed for a business’ real-time needs in the IM space. Every data being exchanged is strongly encrypted, making Brosix safe for traversing confidential and sensitive information. “We’ve built our reputation on the idea that our solutions are more secure than other technologies in this space,” states Chekanov. “With a sheer focus on security, we have been able to win a large customer base interested in coupling safety with efficient communication.”

Brosix proactively engages with clients to understand and cater to their specific needs—a differentiating factor that bestowed the company with capabilities to develop private UC networks. The firm’s private UC solution is a package of multiple features. Yet each feature can be plugged-in or -out depending on each individual user’s work requirements. Further, administrators can efficiently control the network through user-level permissions and communication tracking, while also allowing access to an unlimited number of professionals according to work traffic.

With a sheer focus on security, we have been able to win a large customer base interested in coupling safety with efficient communication

Further, the multi-lingual platform optimizes work processes and can be quickly deployed on various technology platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, and the Web.

“Security being our prime focus doesn’t mean that our applications are any less powerful when it comes to functionality,” assets Chekanov. To highlight Brosix’s capabilities as an enabler of unified communications that deliver value, the CEO points to the success story of Mark Acutt, an online website mentor, in achieving personalized communication channels. The client guides users and enterprises across the globe, to design and develop profitable websites—requiring customized and personal IM solutions. With a primitive system in place, Acutt faced privacy issues with interruptions from other customers while working on projects—a problem solved by implementing Brosix into his mentoring program. “We have full control on who uses the system and can isolate individual users for privacy,” notes Acutt. Further, Brosix increased personal interaction ten-fold, enabling a much better customer service.

Coming a long way since its inception to offer a single package with the best collaboration features and UC solutions, Brosix is in the good books of enterprises looking for interactive communication platforms. With all the data breaches of 2015 and 2016, the firm expects an increased number of companies to turn their focus to more secured communication systems this year. In this regard, “We’re in the process of rolling out a variety of new features, including many that bolster our already robust security,” Chekanov concludes.


Wilmington, DE

Stefan Chekanov, Co-Founder & CEO

Offers a security-first UC platform for companies of all sizes and individuals.