Brubank: Simple And Intuitive Digital Banking

Owning a mobile device has become a commonality. For most citizens in Argentina working in some of the most remote locations of the world, the technology marvels have helped them revel in applications designed to address the issues they face daily. Brubank is a financial services company that uses technology to bring banking to over 3 million citizens, making it one of the largest banks in Argentina in terms of clients. In doing so, it allows users to access core banking services previously unavailable or located at great distances from them.

"The idea is to remove complexity by providing easy solutions and a new way of performing banking operations, we wanted to change the way banks function in the Latin American market space and provide a simple, intuitive, and new user experience,” says Juan Bruchou, CEO and co-founder of Brubank.

Brubank holds a full banking license from the Central Bank of Argentina, providing customers with a complete digital banking experience. Designing, developing, and launching a proprietary application, Brubank permits customers to open a bank account within minutes, begin their savings, and access value-added services like loans and investment options. In addition, Brubank uses a quintessential data analytics engine to understand the particular needs of consumers and offer extra services.

We wanted to change banking operations and provide a simple, intuitive, new user experience. The idea is to remove the complexity by providing easy solutions and a new way of performing banking operations

Employing top-of-the-line financial sector executives and digital programmers, Brubank puts together the best of the banking and technology coding spectrums. Its data team continuously scans information and works strenuously to deliver customized services. If an account holder's balance is low, Brubank offers loans or an opportunity to purchase utilities on credit and pay back the overdraft funds when money is available in their accounts.

Brubank has quickly become a top fintech provider, offering clients not only a traditional debit card but also a digital debit card that works 24/7 and 365 days across borders at no cost. One of the most prominent digital banks in Latin America, Brubank is the first company to function fully on the cloud, allowing stakeholders to deposit, withdraw, or make payments anytime, anywhere. Clients are not limited to only physical card cash extraction options but can also take money from an ATM on receiving a code sent to their phone. The application also allows for payment via interactive QR scan options. Brubank, due to this powerful connection with users, has seen profitability through its years of operation.
"Our card and application allow users to set physical and online purchase limits, access buy-now-pay-later features, and permit authorization of relatives to accept cash from the nearest ATM," states Bruchou. "People are getting used to transacting without a physical card, and we are leading this transformation in Argentina," says Gaston Mooney, COO and CMO at Brubank.

Transparent processes also ensure that clients are always in control of their transactions and no hidden charges are incurred. Brubank does not charge fees for basic payments or transactions; loans are issued at the most convenient rates and repayment schemes. Clients can configure the repayment structure according to their earnings and savings through an effortless and paperless process. Applying for a loan has never been more accessible from a client's perspective.

"People are getting used to transacting without the use of a physical card, and we are leading this transformation in Argentina"

For example, a couple, stuck in Iceland while on tour with car problems, is still grateful to Brubank for its quick and straightforward loan disbursement process. After trying with other international renown credit cards, and having these rejected, the couple went to Brubank. Their loan was swiftly approved, allowing them to continue their journey after paying the towing firm that had picked up their car.

Another major initiative by Brubank is the introduction of Apple Pay in the Latin American consumer market. It witnesses the second-highest number of payments performed through the gateway in Argentina.

Encompassing such a seamless set of operations across its platform, Brubank records an eighty percent net performance score. In terms of after-market services, customers can contact the bank at any time through a chat applet, and an agent is available to assist them as they navigate the different banking products on offer 24/7, 365 days a year. To ensure the features on its application homepage are in tune with the required local and national regulations, Brubank performs continuous improvements and issues updates every time a change is included in the banking laws.

Brubank follows all central bank regulations and focuses on keeping customers' savings and investments safe. Clients are notified on their cell phones via app notifications if a payment, withdrawal, or deposit is made. A necessary security measure Brubank deploys is two-factor authentication to identify the credibility of the device used to log into an account.

Emancipating these distinguishable features, Brubank's growth is fueled by its immense customer acceptance. The application is prevalent and receives massive user publicity, promoting adaptability through voice of mouth and organic channels. Older and younger generations use the application as their primary bank due to its flexible user experience measures and non-tech savvy architecture, with sixty percent of users remaining active on a consistent basis.

Deviating entirely from conventional and legacy-based financial operations, Brubank eliminates difficulties and consistently challenges clients to question the banking sector’s functioning. The digital bank and fintech provider also hires staff with the same mentality and uses collective intelligence to stay innovative and knowledgeable of trends while reaching out to customers.

The seamless experience of opening a Brubank account has allowed people from isolated locations without traditional banks near,to start saving money and electronically receive their paychecks. Brubank helps clients from different working classes receive privileges previously reserved for the affluent society.

Since its inception in 2019, Brubank has grown exponentially and is among the top banks in Argentina. On a social mission, Brubank continues to significantly change how Argentinesinteract with banks. Promoting a culture of social inclusiveness, Brubank is looking to bring forth transformations that will see a larger part of the community gain access to banking.

Using a carbon-neutral and paperless approach, Brubank is environmentally conscious and was recently enlisted as a certified B Corporation, the fist private bank in Latin America to receive such certification. Staying true to its mission of ensuring financial equality and sustainability amongst the Argentine population, Brubank has received many accolades for tackling issues of the previously unbanked people.


Buenos Aires, Argentina

Juan Bruchou, CEO and founder Gaston Mooney, COO and CMO Pablo Quirno, CFO

Brubank is equipped with a full banking license, and offers its customers a complete banking experience through its proprietary technology. Easily installable on a cell phone, customers can open a bank account within minutes, begin their savings and also access a whole list of value-added services like loans and investment options