BT Americas: Enhanced Business Value through Unlocked Network Potential

Pat Goss, Director of Business Development
The giant leap in the power and capacity of modern networks has brought a drastic transformation in communication. This reform has impacted every sphere of life including businesses in a better way. Playing a major role in improved business communication, BT Americas provides cutting-edge network solutions that cover a wide range of communication requisites such as voice, video, contact center and conferencing services. “Our strength as an NSP is in our unmatched ability to complete the “Cloud of Clouds” integration—act as the client’s overall System Integrator for all of their communication, security, and network needs,” delineates Pat Goss, Director of Business Development, BT Americas. The company furnishes these peerless services by leveraging their global Cisco platform.

“Today’s organizations are bogged down due to a flux of regulatory challenges. The inconsistency in rules among different countries thwarts the network solutions from performing uniformly throughout the world,” expresses Goss. The solutions furnished by BT Americas effectively mitigate this risk through their unique set of technical features that allow for the deployment of truly global solution. Further, the presence of BT Americas’ two global Multi protocol label switching (MPLS) networks guarantees ease in connectivity between global systems and the company’s platform.

The company’s responsiveness to tackle the problems associated with insecure networks has resulted in incorporation of Cisco FirePOWER Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention System (NGIPS) into BT Assure portfolio of managed security services. This potent solution of Cisco enables the organizations to gain detailed visibility into network layers and, contextual awareness of users, infrastructure and applications. It thus protects the network against known and unknown threats before, during and after cyber attacks. “While legacy systems are unable to understand the scale and impact of potential security threat, our BT Assure services effectively safeguards the rich network assets against such risks,” points out Goss.

The company in its partnership with Cisco offers several other prolific solutions. BT offers the Cisco Cloud UC platform solution, HCS (Hosted Collaboration Solution), across the globe, in six data centers. This robust solution in the cloud enables voice and the full collaboration suite for our Global customers in per user/per month model. Additionally, BT’s HCS Cloud enables a full Cloud Contact Center solution, again though a customer friendly opex model.

Our strength as a Network Service Provider is in our unmatched ability to act as their overall System Integrator for all of their communications, security, and network needs

Catering to the next generation data center demands, the company’s BT Cloud Compute solution offers a self-serve data center that allows organizations to request for management of virtual infrastructures such as virtual machines, networks and storage. This On-Demand Computation benefits the organization through enhanced operational efficiency and improved ROI. “Our solution, BT Cloud Compute, removes complexity and provides the highest levels of choice, flexibility, control and enterprise-class security,” asserts Goss.

The company has offered their powerful solutions to more than 6,500 large corporate and public sector customers dispersed over 170 countries worldwide. In one such instance, Jabil Circuit, a solution provider for electronic products, wanted to standardize its global infrastructure across 25 countries in order to create a unified communication ecosystem. The assistance of BT Americas’ One (HCS) and Assure solutions in administrating the network services of the client had culminated in added gateway security and resilience around the world. “Our robust services helped our client achieve streamlined operational processes and reduced costs. Further, we could also deliver on Jabil’s architectural vision for consolidation of suppliers, decreased complexities and consistency in their service models,” extols Goss.

In the coming years, BT Americas desires to expand its global footprint in order to support their rich customer base spread over several countries. “With our experience in voice and networked services, we wish to lend the expertise and resources to help elevate our client’s networks to newer levels. Further, we will continue to invest heavily in Security Offers that acts as our BT Assure portfolio,” concludes Goss.

BT Americas

Irving, TX

Pat Goss, Director of Business Development

The Company in its premier partnership with Cisco offers superior Telephony, Networking and Cloud services that results in improved operational efficiency for organizations.