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Eric W. Brackett, Founder & President
While the 1990s witnessed a simultaneous emergence of IP phones, IP cameras, and the first Netscape browser, the early 2000s saw IP phones replace analog as well as digital telephone systems significantly. Capitalizing on these technological advancements, BTI Communications Group transitioned from being a mere seller of proprietary telephone systems to a company supporting network infrastructure along with fostering organizations to converge voice, data, and video on their network.

However, with regard to camera technology, the crossover from analog to IP cameras occurred almost a decade later, with IP cameras outselling analog cameras for the first time in 2014. The ability of IP cameras to record high-resolution video and utilize analytics to analyze movement soon led to a remarkable rise in demand for these cameras and their applications. To integrate these applications with burglar alarms, access control, and networked applications, BTI formed a security division in 2014. As a result of demand, security technology became the fastest growing division for BTI—a provider of telecommunications, data networking, security, and IT management solutions. Managed security, access control, and surveillance solutions are now fully half of the company’s business.

BTI’s solutions consolidate the information emanating from security, alarm, surveillance, and access control systems along with promoting the optimum use of the functionalities that these systems offer. “We don’t perceive surveillance as a stand-alone technology and recognize the need to integrate it with organizations’ metadata,” points Eric Brackett, the founder and president of BTI. For example, if an ex-employee of an organization that has integrated its surveillance technology with access control tries to enter the premise with an inactive access card, the video surveillance system can alert the security personnel immediately. Thus, by converging video, access control, and burglar technology, BTI helps its clients reap maximum benefits.

Delivering the Foremost Level of Technical Quality

BTI lays great emphasis on the operational nature of its solution. The company offers “operational solutions” that don’t merely comply with manufacturer specifications but focus equally on performing functions efficiently without requiring undue attention from the client’s IT personnel. “Our primary goal is to deliver top-quality operational solutions that fulfill our clients’ needs and benefit their businesses,” asserts Brackett. BTI’s “operational” motto has resulted in Honeywell recommending a major healthcare corporation with 53 sites in LA to seek BTI’s assistance. The healthcare corporation’s technology that comprises cameras, access control, and burglar alarms—requiring full-time people to monitor and coordinate with the integrator—oftentimes failed to meet the business requirements. BTI first integrated the cameras with access control as well as the burglar system and later connected these systems to the HR database on the backend. In addition to ensuring safety and accountability, these integrations enabled the client to rely on just one part-time employee instead of four full-time employees to collaborate with the integrator. This allowed the healthcare corporation’s IT personnel to focus more on other mission-critical tasks.

Our primary goal is to deliver top-quality operational solutions that fulfill our clients’ needs and benefit their businesses optimally

The benefits of these top-notch solutions can be further elucidated by another project involving the nation’s second-largest tax and flood servicing company. A large number of banks outsource the process of validating the house loan applicants’ tax payments and flood insurance certificates to this client. Owing to banks’ increasing demand for optimum levels of security, the client was in need of a replacement for their call center and phone system as well as an update for the IT network infrastructure. Not only did BTI complete these tasks efficiently but it also worked on another project involving systems and applications monitoring. The company now backs up the client’s data center, monitors infrastructure for performance along with providing phone and surveillance systems, Cisco networking software and hardware, and building access control. By integrating into a single force of support, BTI saves its client from resorting to multiple vendors. Hence, in case of any malfunctioning, there is only one throat to choke, which in turn, ensures more accountability.

Robust Security and Continuous Support

“Successful delivery of solutions isn’t where our job ends. We install monitoring agents on systems, ensuring round-the-clock diagnosis by engineers in case a camera goes offline or a server shuts down,” adds Brackett. This is a key factor that differentiates BTI from its competitors.

Unlike traditional security integrators that deliver products and solutions at a minimum acceptable quality level, BTI’s business approach is more along the lines of an IT consultant’s perspective. Instead of selling original equipment manufacturer (OEM) products with a vague description of technical details, the company provides exact specifications to its clients. “This enables us to best meet our clients’ requirements which also include selecting IP cameras that are most relevant to their issues,” states Brackett. With thousands of cameras in the market, BTI prevents its clients from falling for the ones that can be easily hacked. Owing to the fact that IP cameras are ranked among the most hacked technologies in America, the company guarantees robust security for all the system it installs.

“We are not a company with a commitment to any particular proprietary product,” states Brackett, emphasizing BTI’s role as an integrator. Under his dedicated leadership, the company takes great effort in understanding its clients’ needs along with the solutions that vendors promise to offer. In addition, the company ensures that its technical personnel stay up-to-date with the latest innovations and constantly aim to deliver operational solutions of topmost quality. To further enhance the efficacy of its solutions and deliver better business results, BTI looks forward to incorporating artificial intelligence into its solutions.

BTI Communications Group

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Eric W. Brackett, Founder & President

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