Bug Software: The Virtual Concierge

Paulo Andrade, CEO
Travel agencies in a bid to sate the itinerary requirements of the modern traveler, must compile a set of vendors and suppliers who can provide them with the best deals possible for flights, rooms, transportation, and activities, at the right time. Further, they also have to contend with the seasonal market fluctuations that add onto this already vexing complexity. Bug Software, a company hailing from the iconic travel destination city Miami, empowers travel agencies with a comprehensive solution that supports a wide berth of hospitality entities and effectively eliminates the need to scope and connect to several different vendors.

The company’s all-encompassing platform, a cloud-based plug-and-play booking and reservation management solution, seamlessly connects each agency to 100 different vendors, collates hotel room availability and tariffs, flight fares, transportation, and activity offerings, to present to their end customers. This enables travel agencies and Destination Management Companies (DMCs) to effectively offer a tour package to their customers within their planned budgets. Taking their solution a step further, Bug Software comprehends market trends to apply comprehensive business rules that determine a number of factors such as availability, rates, and promotional packages to offer a seamless experience with an automated booking workflow.

For example, when it is a peak season in holiday destinations, the markup rule for rooms, transportation, and flight fares, are automatically verified with the market trends and updated automatically by the platform. This allows travel agencies to find the best possible pricing for a given point of time, in a given destination for a set of up to 100 vendors and suppliers, without having to know or connect to any of them. The ‘search and find’ module in Bug Software is available in two separate interfaces—B2B and B2C, with the latter presenting product information directly to the end user.

We provide a turnkey solution that annuls the need for travel agencies scope several different vendors

In both interfaces, Bug Software employs a number of enhancements such as a multilingual and multi-currency workflow, to provide an intuitive experience. The B2C interface provides a unified overview of the entire travel planning. Within the same booking session, the user can find the best-priced itineraries and complete the booking procedures through a single interface. This ability is enabled by the dynamic packaging engine that bundles all the services together. “Our first generation of products began in collaboration with customers and their suppliers, primarily with hotel booking,” explains Paulo Andrade CEO, Bug Software. “Shortly after the demand substantiated itself, we created and integrated all other booking engines with the Global Distribution System (GDS).”

Last year, a travel agency in Miami, with offices in Brazil, Peru, and London reaped the benefits of the global, comprehensive Bug Software platform by consolidating sales, operations, business logic, and most importantly IT management across all their overseas branches. The single interface that integrated their full range of hospitality services, apart from connecting them to the suppliers in those individual regions, offered a great deal of visibility to the management and translated to improved ROI. “There was no necessity for an IT management team or a local software vendor in each of their locations,” reminisces Andrade.

Aiming to consolidate markets in the US, Middle East, and Asia, Bug Software constantly strives to push the envelope—a silver bullet that provides the complete set of travel and hospitality connectivity.

Bug Software

Miami, FL

Paulo Andrade, CEO

Bug Software provides a consolidated approach for travel agencies and DMCs to connect with vendors and suppliers in different destinations

Bug Software