BUILDBINDER: Construction Information Management System for Project Lifecycle

Oscar Nunez, President
The 1994 Tequila crisis was a big blow for the Mexican industries and the effect was much greater on the construction sector nationwide. Giving no time to heal, the country got hit again in 2008 during the U.S. economic downturn. Considering the nation’s precarious condition, Oscar Nunez, the President of BUILDBINDER, then an architect, dreamt of reshaping the construction sector and upgrading it to international standards. As the construction industry in most cases lacks proper planning in developing projects, Nunez had the idea of providing proper facility to the construction firms for planning and execution of projects. He came up with the idea of setting up a cloud service and solution which would eradicate the disorder and disability involved in construction. After relentless toil, Nunez invited his brother Luis to add his management and marketing huge experience and Miguel de los Rios to add his engineering and technology skills, as his co-founders and they succeeded in building BUILDBINDER to manage failed planning, handle lack of communication, poor coordination and collaboration, and enable strong decision.

BUILDBINDER brought forth Construction Information Management System (CIMS) which is based on a project construction life cycle. It’s a new cloud solution that supports builders directly from the planning process by lowering risks and minimizing uncertainty to optimize cost. CIMS combines Project Lifecycle Management, Business Intelligence, Big Data, and Mobile Collaboration for builders and investors to gain better insight into multiple construction projects. The solution helps builders with a complete, consistent, and unique way to give service with a very easy-to-use interface, engaging all levels in a collaborative process which enhances efficiency and trust. It also provides necessary information organized and available in a clear and complete manner thereby encouraging collaboration across all parties involved in the project. This helps developers to significantly increase the confidence and satisfaction of investors.

BUILDBINDER with an extensive knowledge and experience of using the system to garner excellent results provides lessons that are necessary for the improvements in the business of the clients.
One relevant example can be sited when the company saved Lord Corporation, a chemical company, from an immense expenditure by helping them set up their distribution center in Mexico for their products in minimum cost and full efficiency.

The first and foremost priority of BUILDBINDER is helping builders do it their way, but better, and with full mobility. They have created applications for iOS, Windows, Windows Phone, and Android that help builders to work from the construction sites, like site reporting, taking pictures and sharing information—tracking all details of the projects. It also help builders to participate in projects from anywhere like being in the construction site. “We have everything in our cloud based solutions and I think it is the best and the biggest differentiating factor,” denotes Nunez. Clients can set up and start working with the project in just few hours. It is cost-effective and they don’t need to depend on the server or software or purchase the system. The solutions are well-tested and are accessible in browsers like Explorer, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. “Clients can plug-in or manage information from multiple kinds of software to enhance performance through the lifecycle of a project and share all kinds of data through BUILDBINDER. Our work is to make BUILDBINDER a platform for betterment,” conveys Nunez.

Set up and start with a project in minutes, pay only while you need it, and work from anywhere, your way.… but better!!

BUILDBINDER visions to build up a strong base in the U.S., one of the most technically advanced countries in the world, to become the part of the huge market. Being very confident about their platform, the company plans to extend the reach of this secured cloud facility in the world.

BUILDBINDER is now open and inviting to sign up as Early Adopters under exceptional conditions working with version 2.7 to have everything ready and launch GA fully open to the market on December 15th 2014.


San Jose, CA

Oscar Nunez, President

A company that provides Construction Information Management Solution (CIMS) based on a project construction life cycle to gain better insight into multiple construction projects