BuilderEdge: Synergistic Solution for Streamlined Project Execution

Sharon Al-Al, VP, Business Architect, Igal Lebedev, CEO and Yishay Haspel, VP, R&D
Even a small building is a complex construction project to manage, sometimes requiring up to 5000-10000 entries of various activities in a project’s Gantt chart. The slightest lack of synchronization between the teams can cause many projects to exceed the stipulated budget and timeframe that results in a huge loss. In this scenario, construction companies find it daunting to manage multiple projects at a time. Architecting an intelligent, cloud-based solution, BuilderEdge aims to bring consistency across project management for the medium to large construction enterprises. BuilderEdge ensures project managers have access to actionable data to take right decisions that guarantees completion of multiple construction projects on time, within budget.

The innovative construction solutions company builds synchronization between disparate construction teams and project managers, creates a precise and accurate status report at any given moment—taking into account projections, budget usage and personnel allocation. “We created one profound and flexible solution that does all calculations and data transfers automatically: from finance, to schedule, to quality. The solution aggregates all the information and data to a cohesive project status that is delivered to the management in the way they need it,” says Igal Lebedev, CEO, BuilderEdge. The holistic solution with built-in customization, automation, and security control, facilitates seamless data flow throughout the project lifecycle. It further allows companies to integrate data from their existing IT systems for document management and quality checks.

As a holistic tool, BuilderEdge streamlines finance, schedule, and quality management taking into account every step of the construction process, from foundation-to-finish by ensuring proper scheduling of resources and its timely delivery to the required location. The unique platform ensures all the stakeholders adhere to the best practices across the project lifecycle. The quality control management feature of the solution supports careful planning and efficient allocation of time and budget—cutting off dead days in project execution. Likewise, Lebedev highlights that lack of synchronization or overlooking small inaccuracies or mistakes, causes many tasks to be done twice. This method of “putting down fires” instead of meticulous planning and error prevention results in unnecessary expenditure in labor and raw materials.

Our platform aggregates all the information to stream cohesive project status to the project managers in an easy-to-understand manner

As BuilderEdge curtails errors in project planning and execution, the managers are better equipped to take right decisions and keep pushing forward toward an immaculate result—beautiful buildings and maximum profit.

Furthermore, the flexibility built into BuilderEdge facilitates customized workflows tailored for individual projects across locations, and works in liaison with other tools such MS-Excel, Gantt chart, among others. These capabilities empower clients to run many projects with clear visibility of the progress of each one of them.

The company has helped businesses of various sizes to tackle the mismanagement in their construction projects. For instance, one of the leading construction companies in Israel, with an estimated 600 employees, seeking a platform that will help create and define a company project management methodology across process management control. Through BuilderEdge, the company was able to precisely define work methods, clear processes, and management performance metrics. The company soon replicated this efficient methodology throughout its work sites around the country, which resulted in leaner and efficient processes and better coordination between field and management, and higher quality of end result.

BuilderEdge is also focusing on Building Information Modeling (BIM) to enable construction companies with a knowledge resource that helps in decision-making during the construction lifecycle. For the future, the company aims to cater to many large and small-scale construction companies, mostly in the USA and Europe. Lebedev believes BuilderEdge, by delivering greater value than the traditional ERP system while consuming a fraction of its cost, will be the de facto standard in the construction industry.


Beit Yehoshua, Israel

Sharon Al-Al, VP, Business Architect, Igal Lebedev, CEO and Yishay Haspel, VP, R&D

Provider of cloud-based construction management software for medium to large construction companies