BuildingReports: Revolutionizing Compliance Reporting

Jason Kronz, President & CTO
Building safety compliance is critical to service companies, building owners, and fire and safety officials and it has become imperative to address outdated fire and life safety industry practices revolving around the use of paper inspection compliance reporting. BuildingReports’ mobile and online inspection reporting tools enable inspectors to quickly gather data on fire and life safety devices to ensure they are in perfect order and identify actions needed to meet compliance through easily verifiable inspection reports. “We have been in this business since 2000 and the emergence of the predecessors of today’s smart phones combined with SaaS offered a significant opportunity for BuildingReports to revolutionize how fire and life safety service delivered field service and compliance reporting,” says Jason Kronz, President and CTO, BuildingReports.

The very fact that it took a decade for BuildingReports to hit the 1-million-inspection-report milestone, but only six years to achieve nearly three and a half million inspection reports earlier this year, reiterates the point that the field service and compliance industry is en route to embracing the technological advancements and is ready to take the final plunge. Alongside making compliance reporting paperless, BuildingReports’ cloud solutions, improve the delivery time of reports, and access for organizations with operations across a large area. With the constant evolution of mobile and web technology, the field of fire and life safety is experiencing a drastic change.

Mitigating the arduous process for inspectors to come back to office and file reports rather than doing it online takes away the clutter of paper and saves time. “Likewise, today, our mobile inspection applications are available on all the major mobile platforms, and over 800 service companies use the service in more than 550,000 commercial and industrial facilities to inspect and maintain more than 180 million individual devices,” delineates Jason. To help ensure the safety of customers’ data, BuildingReports maintains redundant systems in two geographically diverse data centers with best-in-breed security safeguards.

It doesn’t stop here, as BuildingReports offers a number of value added products and services like the ManagerSeries, which allows users to conveniently schedule, dispatch and track inspections and service work while managing workflow.

Over 800 service companies use our mobile inspection applications in more than 550,000 commercial and industrial facilities

Another premium product is LiveArchive, which provides a QR code for hassle-free access to digital report logs via any QR code scanning application by the authorized officials and service companies.

There are numerous instances that bring to light BuildingReports’ experience and adroitness in serving its clients. For instance, as the largest manufacturer of flooring in the world, Shaw Industries while maintaining a massive manufacturing operation has to ensure the functioning and compliance of fire and life safety devices. They opted for third-party inspection service provider Pye Barker’s paperless reporting system, leveraging BuildingReports’ mobile bar-coding inspection process and reporting. By using the bar code scanning system, every inspected device includes a time and date stamp, which allows Shaw to produce the objective evidence required as proof of compliance.

“Our business is based on trust. The health and safety of people and property is a very serious business and people rely on service companies to ensure that critical fire and life safety systems are thoroughly inspected. That’s why we have made it mandatory for every new member to undergo training,” adds Jason. To train new students, BuildingReports University offers a 5-day training course called Inspector’s Boot Camp in partnership with Aiken Technical College.

With a strong background in mobile and pager technologies, Kronz is dedicated to build a company that can have a real and tangible impact on people’s lives. With their latest application for HVACR service companies–HVACScan on the anvil, BuildingReports is set to deliver congruent benefits to a new industry.


Suwanee, GA

Jason Kronz, President & CTO

Provides mobile and online inspection reporting tools, which ensure accurate and comprehensive inspections that are fully documented in compliance with regulatory standards