Burt: Smarter data reporting and analytics for the media industry

Gustav von Sydow, Founder & CEO
The trillion-dollar advertisement industry serves a huge customer base that consumes media through innumerable channels, resulting in a multitude of systems that sell and deliver advertising. Compiling revenue data across these multiple channels into a single, accurate report is a major challenge for media companies and agencies, what’s more, as these systems change and grow over time, data integration requirements become intense. “We integrate across our clients’ entire ad tech stack to provide high-quality data in real-time, enabling smarter decisions while saving countless hours of manual work” explains Gustav von Sydow, founder and CEO of Burt.

Over the years Burt has garnered deep knowledge and understanding of the challenges clients face in compiling data from hundreds of systems to deliver comprehensive insights. A particular strength born out of this experience is the ability to constantly deliver added value as the customer relationship grows. Burt also prides itself on an ability to easily adapt and react to new customer challenges, “Typically the initial implementation can start with the integration of 100 sources and before the end of the cycle 20 more data sources will likely have been added and 10 underperforming systems removed,” explains von Sydow. “This calls for a continuous agile approach to support the changing integration requirements.”

Since Burt provides a single source of truth for all advertising data, clients can obtain a detailed revenue report in relation to their business transactions in real-time. The company’s simple and effective turn-key implementation process enables clients to onboard the platform with a single sign-on. Burt provides the core BI capabilities media companies and agencies need to move towards optimizing their programmatic strategy and has recently introduced a smart alert system to inform clients of any inconsistencies in revenue information.

For clients that build their own analytics system, Burt offers them API access. The company empowers clients with customizing as well as configuring the analytics tools and integration platform to achieve maximum operational efficiencies and value.

Burt’s aim is to constantly improve the platform and be ready for any challenge.

We integrate across our clients’ entire ad tech stack to provide high-quality data in real-time, enabling smarter decisions while saving countless hours of manual work

They have introduced a data network that acts as a feedback loop for clients to share their experience, requirements, and challenges. The feedback and intelligent recommendations shared in the network can be leveraged to help other clients resolving their internal issues regarding the platform.

Expounding on a scenario that highlights Burt’s proficiency, von Sydow explains that a media group needed to combine hundreds of data sources into a single automated reporting system to garner accurate revenue data. On top of this, the client cannot afford mistakes in their data as any discrepancy can lead to costly consequences while billing their customers. On deploying Burt’s analytical solution, the client has been able to automate their data analysis across their entire ad tech stack and prevent manual errors. This is saving the client close to four million dollars a year, has improved customer service, and reduced the burden of recruiting the highly skilled employees it would take to tackle the challenge on their own.

With an innovative roadmap ahead, Burt is constantly adding more capabilities within areas such as machine learning to their solution, to provide better insights and increase ROI and profitability. Furthermore, the company has dedicated resources for analytics and integration to achieve optimum client satisfaction.

“We are constantly incorporating emerging technologies to upgrade our solution and quickly deliver on our promises to our clients. Our effort is to become the best-in-class assistant for intelligence and integration services for the entire advertising industry,” concludes von Sydow.


New York, NY

Gustav von Sydow, Founder & CEO

Burt, founded in 2009, headquartered in New York, serves the advertising industry. It offers a big data analytics platform that helps media owners connect and analyze disparate data sources across multiple screens, departments, and revenue channels. The company's award-winning Software-as-a-Service platform allows customers to become more data-driven with its high-quality, actionable data. The unified data enables them to make smarter decisions faster. It helps to eradicate complex, time-consuming processes with a single consolidated advertising reporting platform. Also, the platform helps build a keen understanding of customer experience that drives innovation and growth