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CIO VendorMario Rodriguez, President
“Fifteen years ago, when we used to provide a demo of our products to a prospective client, there were queries only about accounting,” recalls Mario Rodriguez, President, Business Computer Associates. “Now, all of our clients want to know how we are handling their operational problems.” With the rise in the cost of logistics, inventory management becomes the means to control costs. “Most of our clients have their inventory items coming from Europe and Far East, hence there is a need for an effective inventory management solution,” explains Rodriguez. Business Computer Associates caters mostly to wholesalers and distributors. Working with Sage 100 for over 20 years, since it was called MAS 90 / MAS 200, Business Computer Associates has been providing accounting and inventory control capabilities to small and mid-sized companies throughout South Florida. “We are a Sage Gold Developer Partner, which means that we have the capabilities to modify the source code and customize the software to our client’s specifications,” remarks Rodriguez. This competence has given Business Computer Associates the liberty and opportunity to provide industry-specific enhancements in their offerings.

Moreover, the products developed by Business Computer Associates compliment Sage 100 ERP. ScanForce Warehouse and Sales Automation is one such example. ScanForce is a leading bar coding solution specifically designed for Sage 100 ERP. ScanForce allows businesses to take control over their inventory and sales process through the use of mobile handhelds and rugged devices, with integrated bar code scanners.

Product offerings are only one part of Business Computer Associates. “As we grew, there was a demand from our clients to provide IT services,” recalls Rodriguez. The team at Business Computer Associates comes with the necessary experience and skill sets to enable IT services to their clients. “Providing IT services gives comfort to the client’s of working with one company who will take care of all their ERP software and IT-related issues,” elucidates Rodriguez. This full-service capacity
has enabled Business Computer Associates to maintain long term relationships with their patrons. Along with elaborative business methodology, quality products, and effective service, Rodriguez stresses upon making his team and himself available to clients 24x7. One of the prime examples of a long term relationship is American Fasteners. American Fasteners used to process all their inventory management manually. Apart from being laborious and error-prone, this counting process required them to close business for 10 days in a year. “We recommended two solutions: Multi-Bin—a third party application from ACS, which is also a Sage partner—and Bar-coding,” expounds Rodriguez. Multi-Bin enabled American Fasteners to know the whereabouts of the inventory, and Bar-coding allowed them to keep track of their inventory in real-time. “American Fasteners was immediately able to see the ROI, without having to close business for 10 days. There was reliability in the inventory details, and the solution proved to be cost-and time-effective,” adds Rodriguez.

We are a Sage Gold Developer Partner, which means that we have the capabilities to modify the source code and customize the software to our client’s specifications

Going forward, with more than 160 active clients, Business Computer Associates is targeting the Food and Beverage Industry. “There are small and medium sized restaurants, who want to do invoices and big orders on the road,” says Rodriguez. "The plan is to release a sales automation product where the client can use a tablet to connect Sage for order entry, inquire about the customer, and do inventory query. We see a lot of potential in Food and Beverage Industry, and we hope to serve them well,” concludes Rodriguez.

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