Business Edge: Bridging the Gaps through Custom Web Development

Brandon Spilove, CEO
Brandon Spilove has been writing computer programs since the 4th grade. Later, the proficiency he developed in figuring out complex problems and fixing them had him drop out graduate school and find a job at technology firm. Starting Business Edge a few years later, Spilove had a single aim—build custom software that is intuitive and scalable, allowing businesses to grow their company without the restraints of licensing fees and per user up-charges. According to Spilove, “The best ways to achieve this is by filling the gaps between disparate systems the market and then extend the software to grow and gradually replace other, more expensive systems.”

As a Microsoft centric web Development Company, Business Edge specializes in creating custom web-based solutions for its clients. Headquartered in Washington, NJ, the company’s expertise spans Microsoft technologies including Microsoft Asp.Net and SQL Server along with JQuery, AJAX, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. Business Edge provides services in Web Application Development, Custom Web Development, Custom Ecommerce Sites, Business Applications, Mobile Apps, and Data Warehousing. Custom Web Development includes building public facing websites and custom business software. The projects go through Business Edge’s custom web development process to ensure quality that exceeds market standards. For Data Ware housing, Business Edge has built many large scale data warehouses for companies of different sizes in numerous vertical markets to store historical data, provide business intelligence, and expose data in different structures that can hook up to a variety of reporting tools such as Crystal Reports, Power Pivot, and Microsoft Excel. Internally, they use a SharePoint intranet to manage employee calendar, company communications, client billing, and ticket management resolution for all of their projects. Additionally, Business Edge offers SharePoint consulting and custom SharePoint application development.

Business Edge differentiates itself from the herd by providing license free software that grants the complete IP ownership to their clients, resulting in lower cost and additional comfort knowing they own their own software.
Moreover, as the company mainly focuses on Microsoft technologies, it keeps the technology stack very narrow and does not overload customers with lots of extra third party tools to buy and maintain. “We are analysts and architects; not just a band of developers,” says Spilove.

We are analysts and architects; not just a band of developers

Business Edge has built a Business to Business portal known as Monkey N Middle designed for manufacturers and retail customers to engage and transact online. This business portal was specifically built to bridge the gap between the big and small enterprises in the market. Monkey N Middle ensures less manual entry there by less scope to make mistakes. The sophisticated integration of Monkey N Middle with EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) makes it possible for smaller retailers to interface directly with large wholesalers with minimal investment. Kenneth Cole, David Yurman, Nine West, and other major brands have taken advantage of the various offerings of Business Edge to streamline their business and increase sales. For a better understanding of Business Edge’s services consider the example of Kenneth Cole where Business Edge has become an extension of IT, providing consulting and custom software solutions in many areas, including their SharePoint Intranet, data warehouse, B2B portal, GRC software, merchandise planning, and other intersystem linkages, where the former helped the lifestyle based company to build and launch important websites.

Going forward, the outlook of Business Edge is to be more focused on the market verticals that are specifically in the fashion and pharmaceutical sectors. The company is coming up with customized products that are meant to support these sectors in the near future.

Business Edge

Washington, NJ

Brandon Spilove, CEO

A company that specializes in creating custom web and mobile based solutions for its clients