Business Escalation: Unearthing Opportunities to Improve Cashflow Management

Mayda Barsumyan, President & CEO
Entrepreneurs across the globe are in constant search for effective ways of managing cash flow. According to reports, large numbers of successful organizations attribute their success to reliable and secure cash flow management systems. Amidst the widespread efforts to locate an apt cash management program, several opportunities are often left unnoticed. The scenario is highly unique in nature, and only those companies with exceptional talent to identify these opportunities could improve the situation. Business Escalation Inc, working out of St Louis, MO, has proven their expertise in countering the situation through a stand-out approach.

Business Escalation (BE), a firm of financial experts, functioning under the leadership of Mayda Barsumyan, President & CEO, is positioned to offer target-oriented solutions in cash management as well as treasury solutions.

As part of their time-tested cash flow management portfolio, BE concentrates on centralization and decentralization of cash and treasury consulting services.

Established in 2012, BE is an Oracle Gold partner, working actively on Oracle’s PeopleSoft, through which, the BE treasury management solutions are implemented.

Banking upon such an approach, the BE Team has been able to align the right technology with the organizational requirements and in turn, position the solution into the heart of the firm. By enabling enterprises to implement appropriate statements on cash flow, BE ensures that their clients are assured of utmost transparency.

Several companies involved in Private and public sectors, government sectors, non-profit organizations, and others have been successful in streamlining their day-to-day operations, and take a strategic approach towards the appropriate cash management system.

A Human-Centric Approach

Taking a different route towards serving their clients, BE always analyzes the culture of a company.
To put it other way, before deciding on the right solutions, the organization conducts a detailed study on the client’s requirements, and all aspects of the firm. According to Barsumyan, “Our human-centric approach has always set us apart from our competitors. As our clients run a culture-based solution, the core treasury operations become highly efficient and profitable.”

The distinctive treasury solutions from BE, recognizes and enhances crucial pain-points such as Treasury Policies and Procedures, Financial Risk Management, Debt and Investments and In-house Bank Accounts among others.

Moving Forward

At present, BE, though caters to different sectors, is highly involved in the Energy and Public sectors and enjoys a nationwide presence. In the coming years, the industry would witness the firm expanding into the global business arena, especially into the Eastern Europe.

By enabling enterprises to implement appropriate statements on cash flow, BE ensures that their clients are assured of utmost transparency

Majority of the firm’s future plans are associated with cementing their relationship with Oracle, and becoming their No. 1 Cash Management / Treasury partner. “We are working towards reaching the top spot, and looking forward to exploring Oracle Fusion implementations. Currently, we are working on solutions for bringing in improvements into Fusion Financials Implementations”, adds Barsumyan.

Business Escalation

St Louis, MO

Mayda Barsumyan, President & CEO

A provider of client cash management, including centralization of cash and treasury consulting services to large and middle market companies