BusinessGenetics:The Most Viable Approach towards Business Process Management

Steve Baker, Co-founder & CTO
Often, the solutions for various business processes are formulated without a clear understanding on the exact nature of the problem, in a more or less hypothetical way. As a result, it becomes difficult to obtain the desired results. The Colorado based BusinessGenetics team has distanced themselves successfully from this decade-old problem of lack of understanding while developing extremely specific solutions for the BPM sector. Currently, BusinessGenetics has become an integral part of the present Business Process Management industry. In the words of Steve Baker, Co-founder and CTO, “It is our unique strategy that helps us keep pace with the BPM sector’s hardcore requirements. What enable such an approach is our BPM tools which are specifically designed to tackle the most complex challenges in knowledge management for the BPM sector. Further, we remain focused on easily and quickly learning business behaviors of twenty-first century organizations, thereby enabling them to gather pieces of information together and structure them into business models.”

Such a methodology is, in fact, highly unique in the overall BPM industry. “We employ a trainable and repeatable methodology. Unlike many of our competitors’ who remain dependent on an individual’s performance, our clients are provided with repeatable results. This formal methodology facilitates a structured search for solutions for the most daunting problems,” explains Steve.

Moreover, the solutions extended by BusinessGenetics enable Constant visualizations on what’s going on in the market. It allows users to describe business strategies and objectives in ways, which weren’t possible otherwise.

Today, BusinessGenetics is well-positioned to address the real concerns impacting the BPM industry. The firm delivers a highly specific strategy towards implementing the right solutions. First, a rapid and deep-rooted research is conducted to understand the real challenge followed by the designing of the perfect solution. In this manner, BusinessGenetics addresses the most critical concerns without dependency on presumptions and the strategy is unquestionably more viable as compared to the highly prevalent reliance on theories or assumptions.
Among their wide-range of solutions is Knowledge Manager (KM), a model manager solution which paves way for easy and timely access to the most accurate knowledge. It is critical for an enterprise to be able to understand and share knowledge, which is facilitated by KM. Further, the product also facilitates multiple-works on a particular model. As an example, a U.S. based software firm was recording high-growth levels and expanding their workforce accordingly. However, it surfaced as a major challenge to get an employee on board in a short time span. It took almost four or five weeks before a new recruit was fully functional. Realizing the importance of faster onboarding of employees, the organization zeroed in on BusinessGenetics. The first attempt was towards having a clear understanding on the issue. A quick yet deep analysis identified that the delay was happening everywhere in the process. The delay affected minor aspects such as arranging a laptop or a phone for the new hire as well as major issues such as lack of proper strategies. BusinessGenetics, relying upon their straightforward plans was able to easily fill the gaps and bring down the time-frame to 48 hours as opposed to several weeks.

The solutions extended by BusinessGenetics are admirably simpler and allow users to describe business strategies and objectives in ways, which weren’t possible otherwise

The firm’s future plans revolve around incorporating all technological changes into their primary offering, as they take place. “The contemporary BPM industry has turned more cost-effective. In response to this, we have deployed highly cost-effective strategies towards our offerings”, adds Steve.


Centennial, CO

Steve Baker, Co-founder & CTO

BusinessGenetics is a provider of solutions that identify and tackle the most complex challenges in the BPM sector.