Buxton: Unified Customer Data on a Single Platform

Tom Buxton, President & CEO
Discerning patterns from vast amounts of data helps in bringing insightful revelations and innovative solutions. However, the process of sorting and storing vast amounts of data is a challenge still faced by many companies.“Data alone means nothing. It’s what you do with the data that makes an organization successful,” says Tom Buxton, President and CEO, Buxton. Buxton’s firm has been aiding organizations in overcoming their common big data challenges by combining the data in the client’s possession with relevant external data. This eases the process of deciphering big data resources. “We utilize data from multiple vendors to help our customers find answers to their business-related questions,” says Buxton. The firm leverages Amazon Web Services to process big data to create a cost-effective business model to meet customer demands, without risking over investing in Buxton’s existing IT infrastructures.

Utilizing the firm’s analytic capabilities, clients can identify their best customers, ascertain where similar-minded customers are located, and determine the value of current and potential customers. Users have been able to make well-informed real estate, marketing, and operations decisions by leveraging the models developed in this process. The firm’s flagship offering, SCOUT, is a web-based analytics platform, which aids in data visualization and fields queries about customer touch-points and growth. The platform gives users a unified view of their customers. By integrating customer data, location data, and Buxton’s analytics, SCOUT offers a thorough understanding of the client’s customer base and identifies potential opportunities to develop business. “With SCOUT, our clients can make decisions based on a centralized view of their customers and growth strategies,” says Buxton.

Buxton also offers potential analysis and market optimization tools that work in concert with each other to help the customer understand a market’s dynamics in detail. These offerings enable the user to navigate the market easily and avoid pitfalls like investments made on poor information. “Our potential analysis offering reveals the total location potential for a brand in a specified region and the market optimization product shows the optimal configuration of sites for the entire market,” explains Buxton.
The firm also offers its visual analytics solutions in the form of dashboards to view performance, enabling faster and more accurate decisions. The dashboards can be used in conjunction with Buxton’s targeted marketing solution to measure the results of campaigns and optimize performance to improve future marketing initiatives.

In addition, the firm provides real estate solutions aimed at retailers, restaurant owners, and healthcare organizations. This offering helps in identifying potential locations to introduce a new client-footprint. “By utilizing the insights we gain through big data analytics, our clients can identify the locations which meet their required sales targets and minimize cannibalization to their existing locations,” says Buxton.

With SCOUT, our clients can make decisions based on a centralized view of their customers and growth strategies

This solution was leveraged by Mercy, a hospital system based in St Louis. “By leveraging our analytics services, Mercy was able to determine the optimal locations to open new facilities. The solution also determined the services to be provided in the new locations, and the type of healthcare providers to be placed there,” says Buxton.

The firm encourages innovation and pushes their product line forward to ensure their clients have the best tools at their disposal.“We have maintained our position in the market by giving our customers tangible ROI, timely delivery, and a proven record of innovation,” says Buxton.

For the future, Buxton plans on building a new analytics suite that integrates innovative technology to augment clients’ efficiency. The firm will also continue adding enhancements to the SCOUT platform to keep it at the forefront of industry trends.


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Tom Buxton, President & CEO

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