BuyerQuest: End-to-End Procurement Solutions through B2C Platform

Modern day companies are ready to adopt enhanced procurement technologies to increase productivity, reduce cost, and control the workflow during the procurement process. But what end users insist on is a user-friendly environment with features to track invoice and connect with the suppliers’ network securely. “BuyerQuest offers end-to-end procurement solutions that combine simplicity with the functionality of using an eCommerce site. Using our solution, consumers can stay-in-touch with their suppliers—providing a flexible shopping experience to customers,” says Jack Mulloy, CEO of BuyerQuest.

Headquartered in Cleveland, OH—BuyerQuest, an e-Procurement software and service company, provides advanced administration tools for procurement solutions to empower the organizations. “Established in 1993, BuyerQuest still works with the vision to create a comprehensible e-Procurement system. After years of using e-Procurement systems with poor usability and complicated architecture, our team decided to construct a consumer-friendly system,” briefs Mulloy. The team’s experience in establishing e-Procurement solutions enabled BuyerQuest to offer an advanced architecture to organizations. Currently, the company provides advanced Procure-to-Pay (P2P) and e-Procurement solution implementations and deployments.

BuyerQuest offers end-to-end procurement solutions that combine simplicity with the functionality of using an eCommerce site

BuyerQuest’s P2P, single storefront software, offers procurement process for all suppliers and services in a secure and scalable cloud solution. The solution connects end-users with supplier network which gives access to information transfer, supplier collaboration, and content management. Along with this, P2P includes advanced shipping notice process and Purchase Card (PCard) settlement. The solution is developed based on the familiar B2C eCommerce platform to offer a flexible environment to consumers. In addition, the company also provides e-Procurement solutions with basic features of P2P like multi-supplier catalogs, custom manual requests and service requests, filtering, faceted searching, and configurable products.
Jack Mulloy, CEO
“With our procurement solutions, we grant certified SAP and Oracle partnerships with API support along with the combination of ERP and Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) architectures to our clients,” adds Mulloy.

For instance, one of BuyerQuest’s clients, Knowledge Universe’s—global education company—staff struggled with the process of exchanging products and providing services to their customers. BuyerQuest assisted the client to implement the P2P solution which offered efficient access to products and services to consumers. The P2P solution offered enhanced search and innate category configuration with tracking ability to Knowledge Universe.

“At Knowledge Universe, BuyerQuest not only contributed to the financial savings of the organization, but provided efficiency to the teachers who make Knowledge Universe impactful for the students,” comments Mulloy. Using P2P solution, Knowledge Universe offers services to thousands of education professionals.

Focusing on improving continuously, BuyerQuest makes sure that clients and consumers can access the product and services of the suppliers precisely at the right time and cost. “We believe that enterprise procurement is a simple concept. As we've seen since the inception of enterprise e-Procurement in the late 90s, the success or failure of an e-Procurement initiative is largely driven by the customer’s ability to drive end-user adoption,” says Mulloy.

Having numerous active users, BuyerQuest plans to enhance their procurement solution in the near future. “Regardless of the industry, from education to government, manufacturing to retail, our entire client base faces different challenges and has dissimilar ideas about how to solve those challenges. With an ability to listen to our clients, BuyerQuest provides customized, secure, and scalable solutions that are unrivaled when it comes to user experience,” concludes Mulloy.


Cleveland, OH

Jack Mulloy, CEO

Connects end-users with suppliers’ network and provides a flexible shopping experience to the customers