C2G: Simplifying Connectivity For Customers

CIO VendorBill Diederich, CEO
C2G, formerly Cables To Go, an industry leader in high performance cabling and connectivity solutions, has established itself as a connectivity expert within the education market. With years of K-12 experience delivering classroom connectivity, C2G is uniquely positioned to understand the real world challenges faced by those in the value chain—from the user (teacher), to the IT staff who has to install/maintain, to the integrator or professional installer.

The ultimate goal for C2G is to simplify connectivity for customers—from the end user to the purchaser, and the reseller to the installer

“At C2G, we recognize that connectivity can seem like a daunting task and users are looking for ways to make audio/ video installations and upgrades easier through practical solutions at competitive prices.That’s why we are continuously working to bring products to market that are designed to simplify connectivity in the classroom and other learning, sharing, collaborating environments—such as those found in universities, corporations and similar settings,” says Bill Diederich, CEO of C2G.

Recently, C2G solutions were selected by Unified AV Systems to be installed in Houston County, Georgia classrooms for technology upgrades. C2G’s modular cabling system, RapidRun, was among the products selected.

This product allows for multiple audio/video signals to be run over one cable with no field terminations—saving installation time and money. The connections and wall plates are interchangeable, making it easy to accommodate future upgrades.Another key education solution installed was the TruLink A/V Controller, which is designed to consolidate control in one convenient fullfeatured, in-wall solution. It eliminates the need for a remote to control each piece of audio/video equipment within the classroom—making it much simpler for teachers to incorporate multiple types of media into lesson plans.

Houston County Schools is now in a better position to manage their technology investments and implement future updates and have also provided their instructors with a simple, easy-to-use interface. “We installed over 900 rooms, and I was thoroughly impressed with the ease of installation. More importantly, was the consistent reliability of all the units— truly a plug and play solution,” said Tim Lumley, Unified AV Systems’ project manager.

C2G’s latest release, the OneFit A/V, is designed specifically to simplify audio/video installations in classroom environments —a complete, integrated solution that provides control, A/V connectivity and extension, sound reinforcement and power, all pre-assembled in a plenum rated Chief® mounting box. The featured products are part of C2G’s reliable and proven TruLink® product line and are installed in some of the largest school systems and conference facilities in the U.S. These products are designed to work seamlessly with one another, eliminating the risk that incompatibilities will compromise the installation.

The ultimate goal for C2G is to simplify connectivity for customers—from the end user to the purchaser, and the reseller to the installer. That’s why C2G is working proactively to stay on top of evolving technology by developing and releasing solutions that meet the ever-changing needs of the marketplace—all while ensuring that their solutions are easy to find, select, install, use and Bill Diederich maintain.


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Bill Diederich, CEO

An industry leader in high performance cabling and connectivity solutions