C2S Technologies: Fortifying Microsoft Cloud Support

Jagan Chitiprolu, CEO
“Many companies help customers migrate to the cloud, but few offer “care and support” after the migration,” states Shashi Koteshwara, Head of Sales, Marketing and Operations, C2S Technologies. Seattle based C2S Technologies is a fast-growing Microsoft Gold Partner assisting their customers carry out complex business functions in the cloud. Application monitoring and support remains the biggest worry for most companies looking to extract the benefits of Azure hosted applications!

Among the first to identify and address the post migration support needs, C2S has built a 4/7 follow the sun technical and help-desk support on the cloud. “This is enabled through our Azure Managed Services vertical, and is the key component of the solutions that we offer our customers,” says Koteshwara. The Azure solutions include cloud readiness, assessment, migration, and ensuring that services are up and running on cloud.

According to Koteshwara, once a customer decides to migrate their applications to the cloud infrastructure, the release cycle gets shorter. With a shorter release cycle, the comprehensive development & testing must be completed on time for every release. C2S identified this as a major gap, and created a Service Solution Center(SSC) where they help customers for cloud deployments and migrations along with an on-demand testing model which includes localization testing services. They also test applications and games for the world market, working in 28 global languages! Additionally, they help customers include other Microsoft services, such as Office365, Azure Data Services and Azure Platform development services. The company’s key areas of expertise spans across various domains such as Solution development on cloud, migrating from on-premise to cloud based servers, Infrastructure monitoring and optimization.

“We made the strategic decision to align ourselves with Microsoft cloud disciplines, and we are reaping success and business innovation, as a result of our focused decision,” affirms Jagan Chitiprolu, CEO of C2S Technologies. He recounts their observation about more and more data being driven to the cloud, when Microsoft and others Cloud providers started rolling out effective key technologies that process, store and perform extreme analytics. “This gave us the opportunity to start working with customers on the data side.
Shashi Koteshwara, Head of Sales, Marketing
So we started building our competencies and capabilities around the Microsoft business intelligence stack.”

Today, C2S helps Microsoft customers analyze all of their data, including, marketing, sales, support, and customer behavior data. To that end, Chitiprolu reiterates on their e-discovery analytic solution, Naviz Analytics that was launched two years ago. Through this unique vertical, Naviz helps legal departments and e-discovery service providers with end-to-end analytics. They read metadata of all the legal documents, analyze the data, and present business insights for end customers, such as who the best lawyers are, and how litigation costs can be saved. “Microsoft technology was the backbone to build this IP solution,” says Koteshwara.

Azure Managed Services is the key component of the solutions that we offer our customers

On the IoT side, Naviz’s connected vineyard solution fetches data (pH level, soil moisture, temperature, sun exposure) and pushes it to Azure IoT hub, where the data is analyzed through machine learning to help grape growers achieve higher yield and efficiency in their vineyard operations.

With engineers based in Bellevue, Bangalore, and Hyderabad, C2S has close to 10 years experience in creating client solutions, working across a spectrum of companies, and have learned that customer needs always vary. “We have the capabilities and solutions specific to the customer, furthering our continued focus on exceptional customer experience.”

For the road ahead, C2S Technologies intends to work very closely with Microsoft and its customers helping them migrate to the cloud, and manage their cloud infrastructure. “We strive to help customers achieve and maintain cloud-readiness and aim to be the leading Cloud Support Provider (CSP) for Microsoft in the next 3-4 Years” concludes Koteshwara.

C2S Technologies

Bellevue, WA

Jagan Chitiprolu, CEO and Shashi Koteshwara, Head of Sales, Marketing

C2S’s offerings include cloud roadmap and strategy assessments, cloud application migration, azure managed services and IoT

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