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Jim McNeese, President & Founder
Leveraging the right consultant who has the ability to connect people, accompanied by a vision of utilizing technology to deliver best-of-breed solutions for modernizing network infrastructure. This is what gave Jim McNeese the impetus to lay the foundation of C2XCEL. The entrepreneur brings a plethora of IT experience, knowledge, and verified approaches to steer C2XCEL toward its goal of expanding innovation and growth into different markets across the globe.

As a consultancy firm, one of the key challenges that C2XCEL faces is educating clients on the numerous benefits of a third-party consultant over direct carriers. Most customers are fed the notion that direct carriers have the customer’s best interests in mind when this is typically not the case. Direct carriers impose quotas and incentives, steering their sales team to be more concerned with quota attainment and financial bonuses for particular products. Whereas, a consultant, especially one like C2XCEL, is carrier neutral, ensuring all solutions have the customer’s best interests covered and personalized to fit their needs.

On the surface C2XCEL may appear similar to any other consulting agency; however, they employ a proprietary three-step program called ACT (Analyze, Consult, and Transform). This program ensures they analyze existing network infrastructure to locate inefficiencies, consults with the client and top-notch carriers to build a power house network, and finally collaborates with project managers to devise an overall technology game plan to transform the business to elevate productivity and efficiency.

To gain an overview of a client’s business requirements, the team performs a full inventory of the networking services implemented by the organization. “We communicate with the key members to understand their pain points, goals, and roadmap,” notes Jim McNeese, Founder, and President at C2XCEL. After they vet multiple carrier/vendor partners, the team presents 3 to 4 solutions best suited to tackle the client’s business problems. For clients in the retail and healthcare market, C2XCEL lays special emphasis on HIPAA and PCI compliance.

The company brings forthtailored solutions to terminate the obstacles involved in the creation and implementation of a solid network infrastructure foundation

Once C2XCEL and the client make the final carrier selection, C2XCEL negotiates optimal contract terms on behalf of the client and also ensures seamless execution of the contracted services.

In one instance, C2XCEL came to the aid of a national restaurant chain that was facing connectivity issues. With over 200 sites nationwide, and growing, the client faced many challenges. They received bills from 77 vendors, aggravated by poor service, lack of redundancy, an inability to move to a hosted voice platform, alongside the need for a robust firewall to secure all their business processes. To address all these needs, C2XCEL built a Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) network, incorporated two redundant Power over Ethernet (POE) switches, and implemented robust network security systems. The network infrastructure architected by C2XCEL for the restaurant rendered improved security and a back access that acted as Wi-Fi connectivity for their guests. As a result of C2XCEL’s involvement, the client achieved increased bandwidth, finer redundancy, guest Wi- Fi, and hosted voice, and reduced vendor billing to 4 carriers.

The company brings forth tailored solutions to eliminate obstacles involved in the creation and implementation of a reliable network infrastructure foundation. With future plans to acquire or partner with an MSP, they are opening a path for clients to reduce their dependency on carrier resources for network metrics. They understand there are many avenues for organizations to procure services, but partnering with C2XCEL will assure all needs are addressed and accommodated, resulting in a great customer experience.


McKinney, TX

Jim McNeese, President & Founder

Customizes solutions to analyze enterprise network infrastructure and locate business inefficiencies, documenting all expenses with a neat focus on security