C3 Systems: A Computer System Integrator of Modern Age

Gautam Ijoor, CEO
C3 Systems is a management consulting and information technology firm, which is uniquely focused on reducing the budget of government agencies, while expediting the speed-to-market of custom developed solutions. Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Washington, DC, C3 Systems emphasizes transparency in the universe of scrutinized contracting budgets through their Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) models. “We ensure success by supporting our people’s balanced growth, both in their field of work as well as in different aspects of their life–a philosophy, which we believe is key to our success,” says Gautam Ijoor, The Chief Operating Officer of C3 Systems.

Innovation, Integrity and Ingenuity are the 3 key points that highlight C3 Systems as a company. Their service offerings include—cloud hosting and computing, business process re-engineering, financial statements, enterprise configuration management, e-learning design and delivery, accessibility and usability, service lifecycle management, records and documents management, which provide a convenience to Federal, State and Local Government clients. By analyzing current business processes, the company helps to fulfill client requirements by providing value-added, customized solutions.

C3 Systems have the management to focus on capture and strategy. They create feasible solutions prior to the request for proposal stage, instead of post-proposal submission. The company also looks to the PaaS platform as the near-term “wave of the future” for many government agencies.

C3 Systems implements specific strategies to stay ahead in their respective areas of practice. The first step includes leveraging a portfolio of diverse SMEs in various professional organizations (e.g. ACT-IAC, IEEE, PMI, Various Gold Partners).

We ensure success by supporting our people’s balanced growth, both in their field of work as well as in different aspects of their life

Next is C3 Systems’ Technology Practice Center, which continuously trains, prototypes and evaluates different technologies for use in current and future solutions. And lastly, a focus on Quality Management, modeled on the CMMI ISO 9001 frameworks to provide quality service. The company also focuses on employee development through training career plans and management by objectives, resulting in a high retention rate compared to the industry standard and constant business continuity.

As a case study spotlighting the company’s success, C3 Systems built several systems for the United States Department of Housing and Urban Department (HUD) to help procure the services of inspectors, train them with an e-learning system, and facilitate the inspection of a majority of public and multi-family housing dwellings in the U.S. In turn, the remedial action provided by C3 Systems consistently helped to improve the physical condition of these properties.

To support the expansion of their services to current and future clients, C3 Systems continues to shape their investments to accommodate both organic growth in the federal market as well as growth via acquisitions. C3 Systems has rebuilt its cash position with a plan to integrate new businesses and has diligently fortified its in-house talent, which the company believes will lead to continued revenue growth.

C3 Systems

Washington, DC

Gautam Ijoor, CEO

A Provider of management consulting, software & system engineering and IT services