Cable & Wireless Communications: Towards a Better Disaster Recovery Plan

John Maduri, Business President It was in early 1998, the folks at Pixar were eagerly working on the film Toy Story 2 when they noticed that upon refresh, the fictional character, Woody’s assets kept decreasing. “When we looked at the directory first, there were forty files. When we looked again, there were just four,” says Pixar’s Larry Cutler about the accidental deletion of the film. “I immediately unplugged the machine to only imagine how sickening it was to see two months and hundreds of man-hours worth of work being deleted.” Someone had run the command “rm-rf”, used to remove files from directories on a UNIX shared computer system. Pixar, at that time, did not constantly test their backups and it was failing for a month, prior to the fatal day.

Human error indeed is the most common and frequent cause of business disasters. Whether it’s an unauthorized application accidentally installed on a computer or malicious attacks, it makes up for 95 percent of all disasters that require failbacks or failovers. While the Global Disaster Recovery Services market is growing at an alarming rate every year, companies today require cost-effective and powerful Disaster Recovery (DR) plans that are better-prepared to deal with wide-scale disasters. Delivering a top-level Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solution, Cable & Wireless Communications (CWC) ensures data and information security, staying connected and productive through any disaster.

Tracing back to 1860s, the company offers a portfolio of solutions that enable organizations of any size achieve their business continuity goals instantly. A result of the merger between Columbus Business Solutions and CWC, the company provides next generation of cost-effective solutions for data back up and security. “For years, disaster recovery and business continuity solutions were seen as a major drain in most companies. We are focusing on our efforts to change this perception,” explains John Maduri, Business President, Cable and Wireless Communications. “This involves flexibility to use the environment to recover from stress situations such as problems of performance in production, maintenance, run batch applications, run reports and BI applications.”

Weaving Easy-to-Use, High Performance Networks

The recent large-scale outrages of the world’s biggest clouds like Google and Microsoft Azure has resulted in several impediments including inability to access data and some systems due to insufficient disaster recovery plans. “No matter where the system is hosted or what technology stack one uses, services can get interrupted and customers potentially cannot use the system,” says Maduri.
Being vigilant to these challenges, CWC fathomed that businesses need solutions that ensure easy and cost-effective back up of important data and security of applications. With an impeccable track record and a growing list of highly satisfied users in the Caribbean and Latin American (LATAM) markets, the company’s DRaaS solution is one of the most comprehensive managed solutions today. The solution works on any timeline and features an easy-to-use, secure online portal that enables organizations to manage and track real-time activity and system’s health, ensuring security. The company also offers the high-performance networks, products and solutions, including comprehensive IT services, cloud solutions, and mobile business solutions, while empowering the ‘Internet of Things.’

Additionally, the company’s business continuity as a service (BCaaS) portfolio allows organizations to conduct business as usual during unexpected server failures, or planned downtime, through auto-failover and redirection of users to replica servers located in the company’s secure cloud. CWC’s seamless replication protects business by replicating critical servers, operating systems, supported applications, and end-user data to a 24/7 accessible cloud environment. In case of a server failure, scheduled down time or complete site loss, the seamless replication service automatically redirects data and users to the company’s cloud replica servers.

Our cloud continuity addresses business continuity and disaster recovery requirements, no matter how critical the client’s applications are

Forerunner of Hybrid Cloud Disaster Recovery

The market has also been witnessing small and medium enterprises as the forerunners of hybrid cloud disaster recovery usage. Maduri elucidates that “Reports indicates that less than 20 percent of businesses could even recover all of their data in the event of a disaster, let alone their applications and other business-critical pieces.”

However, the back up or recovery and storage management vendors face multiple challenges that compel them to redesign their tools. The cost managing data and systems go beyond expectations in most case and the time taken in recovery seems to be critical for enterprises. “Our cloud continuity addresses business continuity and disaster recovery requirements, no matter how critical the client’s applications are. With no capital investment required and delivered ‘as a service,’ our solutions allow for immediate data and revenue protection,” says Maduri.

This comprehensive suite of managed solutions ensures several advantages for the clients with
easy failover/failback via a mouse click, consistency around the clock availability. It helps in reducing risk of failure during maintenance and test operating system changes before implementing in production environment. The company’s cloud continuity software also offers online backup and retrieval system for both physical and virtual servers, as well as desktops and laptops with its easy backup functionality. Moreover, CWC’s rapid backup recovery servers links the production servers to a standby restore-ready server in the company’s secure cloud, giving clients the ability to quickly restore applications following an outage.

Catering to the unique needs of customers over the years is CWC’s Oracle Standard Edition Disaster Recovery solution. “As a turnkey solution for easy creation and management of standby databases for Oracle Standard Edition, our solution includes hardware, software, management, data center infrastructure as well as the network,” asserts Maduri. The company’s standby matches Oracle Data Guard features such as failover, graceful switchover, Real Application Cluster (RAC), Automated Storage Management (ASM), and Oracle Managed Files (OMF). It also includes several advanced features including compression, monitoring, and encryption for archive log transportation.

Monitor, Report, and Manage Performance

Supported by a team of dedicated and well-trained professionals, CWC service is backed by a 24 hour network operating center with the ability to monitor report and manage performance. In a case study, Dos Pinos a cooperative association of more than 2,000 associates who produce and sell dairy products and derivates faced a challenge of consolidating their entire operations in the dynamic market. In order to do this, the company had to address three technological challenges. Firstly, the client’s data center had to be replaced in order to provide nimble computing and communication solutions throughout the company’s sites. Secondly, the client wanted to evolve from the typical technology procurement scenario to a full and integrated solution-as-a-service. Additionally, the client also wished to create an alternative site to guarantee business continuity upon a disaster situation.

To solve this impediment, the client used CWC’s service-based virtualized model. The company offered a broadband network to the client that provided communication tools, access to back office functions as well as different modules of an ERP system, and mobile application. Technological resources were allocated and managed based on the client’s needs, along with backing up critical business activities. As a result, the client had a safe and stable undersea fiber network in the region where they operate.

While the future of CWC looks bright, the company is focused on finding innovative solutions to solve the client’s disaster recovery challenges. CWC is keen on prioritizing on its secure online portal that ensures security of important data and information. The company has also teamed up with global business solution providers including Avaya, Blackberry, and Juniper to retrofit offices with new state-of-the art technology.

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