CacheFly: Scalable CDN Services for Faster Throughput

Matt Levine, CTO and Founder
With the widespread use and interconnectedness of mobile networked devices and mobile telephony, websites and social networking have become a de facto standard in digital communication. The digital revolution is reshaping the existing CDN landscape and technological advancements have brought increased speed, potency, and capabilities to voice, data and IP communications. Consequently, end users are communicating across multiple channels wherein it is imperative for organizations to stay on the leading edge to preserve the highest quality experiences and open up new monetization opportunities. In the fiercely competitive global marketplace, CacheFly, based in Chicago, IL, remains committed to provide clients with the fastest CDN to enhance end user experiences. The company offers high-throughput performance and reliable CDN services to meet the customer’s needs for high quality content distribution.

“CacheFly’s servers are strategically located around the world—near the Internet’s major peering points, with over 40 Points of Presence (POPs),” says Matt Levine, CTO and Founder, CacheFly. The company’s TCP anycast-based CDN technology and infrastructure provides the ability to distribute rich media content faster and more reliably than single-hosting delivery. “Our services help in rendering content up to 10 times faster than traditional methods,” asserts Levine. CacheFly delivers the performance that customers need and provides a number of features that work for their business. Some of the attributes include—easy integration and activation, real time reporting, security, 24/7/365 support and flat-rate global pricing. With its unsurpassed features, the company helps customers reduce latency and provides a more stable method for content to be routed to the servers physically closer to users.

In addition, CacheFly offers end-to-end services that help customers to transfer content from the first byte to the last byte through a structured network built exclusively for throughput. “We help render many content from video to audio, podcasts, ads, games and apps,” says Levine. CacheFly’s scalable and optimized global CDN is capable of handling all kinds of traffic surges and ensures that the content is dispatched with ease—eliminating abeyance and offering unmatched performance.
Furthermore, CacheFly provides distribution of web-based or native software applications and website performance services as well. “Our HTTP/HTTPS caching, Gzip compression and optimized routing performance give users the fastest dissemination of all of their objects,” affirms Levine. “We also help improve website performance and save money by offloading images, Flash, JavaScript and CSS from origin infrastructure.”

Bringing such comprehensive services to the market has helped CacheFly to retain illustrious clients across the globe wherein organizations are consistently choosing CacheFly for scalability, reliability and unbeatable performance. For instance, Blue Shell Games, a leading mobile and social casino game developer needed a high throughput CDN to eliminate slow downloads that could spur user turnover. A Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Reverse Proxy were necessities, as well for encryption security and synchronization of incoming content. With infrastructure being a key aspect in Blue Shell’s success, CacheFly’s proven track record of top tier CDN services was a perfect match. “Our TCP-anycast CDN technology provided Blue Shell Games the highest throughput for the fastest downloads and helped them scale seamlessly during high traffic launches and updates,” reveals Levine.

Our services help in rendering richmedia content up to 10 times faster than traditional methods

Moving forward, CacheFly is focused on leveraging its extensive research in technology and infrastructure to proffer scalable content delivery at a cost-effective price. The company will continue to play a dominant role in the CDN landscape and provide customers, on-demand capacity, unmatched throughput performance and a predictable cost.


Chicago, IL

Matt Levine, CTO and Founder

A company offering feature-rich CDN services to help enterprises deliver rich media content faster and more reliably than traditional delivery methods.