Cadeon Inc.: Valuation of Hidden Data with TIBCO Spotfire

Phil Unger, CEO
Data is omnipresent across the broad spectrum of industries and its utilization is an important factor for the prosperity of any business. Companies engulfed with data are in search of tools that can help them mine information and put it to good use. Data visualization has emerged as a saviour for companies besieged with data. “To access data from multiple legacy platforms like Data Warehouses, PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, Word documents amongst others is a tough task for organizations across the world,” says Phil Unger, CEO, Cadeon. The Canadian based Information Services Company, Cadeon has been working tirelessly to visualize large quantities of data to make real headway and gain a meaningful understanding of information for their customers. “We have been fascinated with the growing amount of data companies have and our model is to turn information into insights,” elucidates Unger.

Cadeon’s approach on shedding light on its customer’s business brings up the hurdles on the road to a better financial outcome. The solution provider leverages TIBCO Spotfire, a data visualization and analytics software, which enables the customer to prioritize the pain points of the business and gets the team involved to address them in an iterative manner. “With visualization built in Spotfire, it has the ability to use a number of functions in a single platform,” says Unger. The intuitive software has a TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R (TERR) engine which is a key component for predictive analytics. “With rising complexities in business, predictive analytics is seen as a future of analytics and with TIBCO Spotfire you can achieve predictions in a much easier way,” asserts Unger. The company also delivers information management solutions and helps its customers in providing governance, quality, cost optimization and much more throughout the journey. “Our success creation is 50 percent people, 40 percent process and 10 percent technology,” says Unger. “Technology drives people on process but it’s to get the right people working on the right things in a right way.

We have been fascinated with the growing amount of data companies have and our model is to turn information into insights

With this the customer can attain maximum value for any solution, thereby getting a viewpoint of the enterprise,” he adds.

Cadeon has benefited enterprises of various verticals by unlocking the hidden value of business data. For instance, one of Cadeon’s clients had multiple data sources out of which one was on an older platform which restricted them to connect to it. The solution provider performed data visualization through Spotfire Advanced Data Services enabling the management team to pull out data into the dashboard and obtain actual valuation of information. The lengthy procedure of people working during an event, sending information from those individual sources and using spreadsheets was cut down with the implementation of the solution and it saved 80 hours for each event going forward.

With a vision to stay ahead of the curve, Cadeon seeks to benefit organizations by constantly incorporating trends in its offering. The company has plans for geographical expansion in the near future and extending their partnership with TIBCO Spotfire for helping them build custom code. An attempt to work with SDKs in tandem with data visualization is being developed by think tanks in the Cadeon. “We are focusing on new industry sectors and also are excited about stepping into the IoT domain,” concludes Unger.

Cadeon Inc

Alberta, Canada

Phil Unger, CEO

Provides solution consulting and system integration in visualization, data virtualization, content analytics, agile data warehousing, and enterprise information architecture

Cadeon Inc