CalemEAM: Open Source Ethos in EAM

Clay Li, CEO
As big data, analytics, cloud, and social and mobile technologies accelerate towards development every passing day, the underlying technologies are also evolving at the same pace. The surging traction of open source in enterprises powering innovation cycles is testimony to this evolution. By the turn of the decade, the dominance of proprietary commercial software has shrunk owing to increased adoption of open source architecture to meet business-specific requirements. As open source technologies are being preferred to develop operating systems, platforms and even applications, this viable option has been subtly pushing the proprietary solutions to the periphery in the EAM arena as well. “CIOs need an EAM solution offering best value to investment and meet business-specific requirements,” begins Clay Li, CEO, CalemEAM. “They look for solutions to tweak the software somehow and tend to their business requirements in a faster fashion.” Tending to this need, the CEO and his team designed an enterprise as¬set management solution—Calem Enterprise suite— for both cloud and on-site deployment, built on open source technology that holds numerous other compelling advantages for businesses.

Nestled in Austin, CalemEAM focuses on delivering EAM solutions by merging the business-friendly open source technologies and professional customer care of commercial software. The firm’s solution is made available to customers as four plans— Mobile Starter, Starter, Enterprise and Unlimited Users—catering to organizations, regardless of their operational sizes. The main takeaway is the Calem Support Services that allows ‘deep customization’ to client’s data and business processes on all platforms— web, mobile and offline—to instantly respond and resolve problems that can impact customer business. “Our customers can communicate their issues, and challenges to us pretty quickly without any limitation and our service engineers enable customers to leverage one solution—Calem Enterprise—as often as needs arise,” adds Li.

CalemEAM customers can launch the ajax web app by using the Calem service URL, once logged in they can access the dashboard which displays the key performance indicators of their maintenance activities.For example, the customers can view the chart for on-time work orders using the PM tab.Customers can also define role-based security for data and user interface like configuring data access, screen and menu items.

We differentiate ourselves with a leading cloud and on-premise EAM solution based on open source technologies and superior support services

In addition to this, Calem Enterprise’s multi-site feature makes it possible to manage maintenance operations in different locations of the world and also offer workflow notifications. For on-field workers, Calem Offline is accessible in case of unavailability of network connections. Changes are synchronized on the Calem server when the network is available.

Since its inception, Calem Enterprise has been engineered to offer flexible, tailored and scalable solution catering to a myriad of industries including manufacturing, healthcare, and financial services to meet their diverse business needs. “A customer in the food industry uses Calem Enterprise to manage a single bakery whereas a manufacturer uses our solution to manage their asset operations in several countries,” explains Li. The scalable solution also comes with a subscription for unlimited login users for large scale deployment.

The Open Source technology allows CalemEAM to adapt its solution to changing business requirements of their clients to deliver changes instantly and have a quick turnaround of the product. “We differentiate ourselves with a leading cloud and on-premise EAM solution based on Open source technologies and superior support services,” adds Li.

Today, the company has customers in North America, Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa. Considering the growing market share for open source, CalemEAM is working towards establishing new partnerships to expand its footprint. “We continue to be in constant contact with customers and prospects whose feedbacks and needs essentially drive the roadmap of CalemEAM,” concludes Li.


Austin, TX

Clay Li, CEO

Provider of enterprise asset management solution built on open source technology together with professional customer care