CallidusCloud [NASDAQ:CALD]: Automating Sales Productivity

Leslie Strech, President & CEO “What gets measured gets better.” It is this formula that underpins the evolution of CallidusCloud [NASDAQ:CALD] in the sales technology arena, since its inception two decades back. To begin with, the company took note of the increasingly important, Sales Performance Management (SPM), which has culminated into a suite of operational and analytical functions that automates and unites back-office operational sales processes. It has been assisting firms in improving sales execution and operational efficiency while providing real-time visibility into pay-and-performance as well as opportunity estimation. Through its comprehensive Sales Performance Management suite, CallidusCloud has managed to conquer today’s complex sales and marketing environment, by offering businesses advanced and integrated technology solutions to gain high-quality prospects, increase efficiency of sales processes, and enable marketing automation.

The company provides tools to automate key parts of the marketing and selling process—marketing automation, Configure Price Quote (CPQ), territory and quota (T&Q), sales enablement, sales coaching, learning management, commissions, customer experience, and incentives. Each product can be used as a standalone application or as part of a suite. CallidusCloud ensures tight integration between each product in the Lead to Money Suite—which when used in proper conjunction with the existing applications can magnify the impact of sales productivity.

What sets CallidusCloud apart from the rest of the crowd is their unified solution suite that automates the entire sales cycle. “We create a data environment for spreadsheets, documents, and emails with our simple tools to analyze the performance of the client’s sales force,” asserts Leslie Strech, President & CEO, CallidusCloud.

Driving Sales Behavior

The company’s commission software assists clients to deploy targeted incentives, programs, and accelerate sales behaviors and execution.

We create a data environment for spreadsheets, documents, and emails with our simple tools to analyze the performance of the client’s sales force

Enterprises can automate the payment and calculation of commissions across both external and internal sales. The solution also has extensive modeling and analytics capabilities which provide clients clarity into the performance of the ongoing plans. Alongside, the software renders an automating forecast opportunity concept that works best when enriched with data from the interactions between sales, marketing, and the customer. By utilizing the commission software, sales operations and finance teams can considerably reduce time and cost while it facilitates the sales team with more transparent and accurate commission payments.

The CPQ software by CallidusCloud helps users to minimize errors in pricing and product selection as well as lessen the sales cycle with the help of electronic workflows, approval process and increase quote. With CPQ, organizations can limit the errors in product selection and pricing, reduce the sales cycle through electronic workflows and approval process and increase quote and order size with instant up-selling and cross-selling formats.

In an instance, Xirrus, a provider of wireless solutions, approached CallidusCloud to simplify their quoting process. The quoting process was long and tedious as their spreadsheet approach required the sales team to undertake a manual translation of the product list produced by engineers, which was time consuming. Also, due to the complex quoting process, reps would often forget to incorporate important components, add support, and even had to retract on discounts. CallidusCloud CPQ simplified the quoting process and the pricing and product information that spanned across multiple systems. The data was fed into CPQ and comprehensively integrated into Salesforce CRM.
CPQ provided the client with the proper information on discounts and other important components required to add value to the organization.

Boosting Sales Revenues

CallidusCloud also performs automated functions of managing incentive commissions for well-known companies like Verizon, HSBC, Nokia, Philips, Pfizer, Siemens, Vodafone, and many such worldwide. CallidusCloud customers processed over $880 billion dollars of revenue, up by 22 percent from a year ago, whilst paying 9 percent less commissions in 2013. “With the Callidus solution, incentive compensation is now a business asset. We have the power to use incentive compensation to address market changes and opportunities, and take a proactive part in helping the organization achieve its next level of growth and better meet the needs of our members,” comments Michael Kahns, manager, sales and incentive compensation at American Automobile Association.

Unlike competitors who exist in different silos, CallidusCloud provides a complete suite to its customers who do not have to look out for standalone solutions, and can simply rely on its single Lead to Money offering for all major sales and marketing issues. As it is beneficial for customers to implement a single solution with all requirements, single threaded approaches are less enamored by them, easily differentiating Callidus Cloud from other players in the market.

With over 2500 organizations in its clientele, the firm has found huge traction in the insurance, telecommunications, manufacturing, life sciences, financial services, high tech, and retail sectors. This versatility of the user base caters to the B2B and also the B2C space.

The firm plans to become one of the top five cloud companies through strong growth in its recurring revenue stream. The short term goal of the firm is to create new opportunities in the market that would particularly focus on selling bundled solutions. With a very compelling proposition sitting alongside CRM and ERP, CallidusCloud has undoubtedly enabled companies to establish a growth strategy through marketing automation, territory planning, sales enablement, quotes and proposals, contracts, and commissions adding a strong disruptive proposition that can be managed at a very cost-effective price point.


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Leslie Strech, President & CEO

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