Calsoft: Innovation Simplified through Virtualization Expertise

Dr. Anupam Bhide, CEO
As data centers become increasingly virtualized, technology companies find it daunting to achieve technology integration between various platforms. The increasing complexity in virtual environments poses stiff challenge in product integration, data security, server management, and resource monitoring. These technology vendors need inventive tools and expert guidance to build on the promise of virtualization. Calsoft is an expert in virtualization technologies that has been the missing piece of puzzle for many technology vendors striving to build their product in cloud. The company helps companies including those from storage and networking arena to build, test, and implement their solutions in cloud quickly in a cost effective manner.

With its expertise in VMware products, the Calsoft facilitates vendors to achieve technology integration with VMware infrastructure. It helps its customers to build, test, and deploy their products in the VMware ecosystem. Storage vendors can leverage Calsoft’s expertise to qualify their products for hardware compatibility with VMware infrastructure. The company’s VCO plugin solution helps companies to better manage their clients’ storage and virtualization infrastructure at reduced cost. Its APIs help in spinning up more number of virtual machines in the VMware environment.

Apart from VMware, Calsoft supports virtualization technologies from Microsoft and Citrix. Its support for Microsoft System Center 2012 aids companies to automate their IT implementations across data centers.

On the networking front, Calsoft helps networking equipment vendors and SDN providers to better their time to market by helping them right from proof of concepts through development and testing of newer networking solutions. “Now that we are experiencing the disruptive change in mobility and cloud based computing models, the networking industry is all set to witness its third generation of programmed network infrastructure,” says Anupam Bhide, CEO, Calsoft.

In a heterogeneous virtual environment, the data loss can prove to be detrimental to cloud investments. Calsoft addresses the data protection challenges through its snapshot-based data protection software for virtualized applications.

The networking industry is all set to witness its third generation of programmed network infrastructure

Its services include a data vault that prevents accidental loss of backed up data and preserves regulatory compliance. Security is ensured through data encryption at backup source. It also supports compression, deduplication, and continuous backup. The company offers File-level de-duplication and block-level de-duplication to get rid of the redundant data.

To allay the fears of security breach, business continuity challenges, and vendor lock-in, Calsoft offers Unified Cloud Caching Interface (UCCI) that delivers encryption, compression, increased storage capacity, high scalability and availability, and low total cost of ownership. UCCI provides high performance caching component made available at the enterprise premises and communicates with outside cloud storage. UCCI system encrypts data at both enterprise and user level.

The company develops Software Defined Storage (SDS) stack that comprises of data services, automated storage management, and scale-out architecture. Storage vendors also leverage Calsoft’s File System testing tools to develop newer File Systems for better management of the burgeoning data. It also offers data migration services, cloud caching, as well as scalability and performance testing of cloud storage platform. Calsoft provides software solutions with Storage Tiering, PCIe based Solid State Devices (SSDs) storage with caching software that makes SSDs more adaptable in virtual, physical and any other environments.

Having done over a hundred software product releases, the company has garnered a healthy customer base. With its rich domain expertise and skilled resources, Calsoft continues to help its clients to build innovative solutions in virtual environments. The company continues to make critical contribution to the development efforts of technology companies.


Santa Clara, CA

Dr. Anupam Bhide, CEO

Software product engineering and services company with expertise in virtualization, storage, networking, and cloud technology