Calsoft Systems: Leveraging An ERP System To Its Full Potential

Nem Bajra, CEO
“Manufacturing is not the same as it used to be 10-20 years ago where people were depending upon individual expertise and disparate tools; it now has to be integrated across the entire supply chain,” says Nem Bajra, CEO of Calsoft Systems, an IT company that has been helping midsized companies stay competitive through strategic business technologies. “Calsoft’s history of implementing ERP systems has been a good journey for us to understand how manufacturing is done and how technology can take our clients to the next level,” he adds.

With its mission to maximize business performance, Calsoft Systems was founded in 1994 in Torrance, CA. Since then, Calsoft has built a strong reputation as a Microsoft Dynamics Gold Certified partner, specializing in tailored ERP systems implementation for Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics AX. Its early clientele of Japanese multi-nationals, with their high standards for a meticulous attention to detail and reliable quality at reasonable cost, has made Calsoft well-suited to serve the needs of the manufacturing industry. It has also expanded its global reach through branch offices in New York and Chicago, and subsidiaries in Tokyo, Japan and Nanning, China.

Originally founded by software developers, one of Calsoft’s key differentiators is its ability to handle complex customizations to ERP systems. Many clients have sought Calsoft’s expertise when other partners had been unable to customize the ERP package or vertical solution the way they needed it. Calsoft's boutique client experience focuses on first understanding their clients' vision and culture, and then tailoring the technology to support those needs.

One of Calsoft’s customers, a mid-sized supplier of automotive parts to a Tier 1 automaker, faced the frustration of using an outdated MRP system.

At Calsoft, our vision goes beyond just technology solutions, it is about helping our clients grow and flourish

Calsoft Systems wanted to create a flexible MRP system with EDI function, so it customized the standard Microsoft Dynamics AX to meet the automaker’s EDI requirements. Microsoft Dynamics AX replaced the client’s previous systems, automatically imported and updated all order changes, and reduced the process time of one purchase order from about 6-9 hours to 0.5 hours. The system also reduced human error, increased productivity, secured more revenue and provided better real-time visibility for sound management decisions.

In addition to auto parts suppliers, Calsoft also provides technology for other manufacturing companies such as food processing, oil and energy, chemical and electronic parts. As Calsoft’s clients have begun to spread their operations to regions such as Australia, Thailand, Mexico, Brazil, and Uruguay, Calsoft finds a great demand for global ERP solutions.

The company has partnered with capable and like-minded service providers overseas to help meet these challenges. In response to their clients’ business needs, Calsoft has also strategically partnered with over 75 product providers to offer its clients robust and comprehensive vertical solutions.

“Manufacturing plays an important role in our nation’s economy as one of the few economic sectors that generate material wealth. It has a significant impact on other industries and in job creation,” Bajra continued. “At Calsoft, our vision goes beyond just technology solutions, it is about helping our clients grow and flourish so they can create more value in society. Their success is our success.”

Calsoft Systems

Torrance, CA

Nem Bajra, CEO

Provider of business technology solutions specializing in ERP systems implementation for Microsoft Dynamics GP Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics AX