CalxTechnology: Automated Presentations like Never-Before

Sam Zawaideh, CEO
The value proposition of a business does not solely rest on the quality of final products anymore. Enterprises need to engage and establish a better connect between customers and their products through live, accurate, interactive business presentations. Sam Zawaideh, CEO of CalxTechnology, notes that presentations technology has not caught up with the needs of today’s business. Unfortunately, presentations tend to require repetitive manual work with static content, tiny data sets, resulting in monotonous, uninspiring, and stale slides of limited value. To alleviate enterprises from such challenges, Burr Ridge, IL-based CalxTechnology leverages Salesforce platform to develop SlideWeaver—a next generation Salesforce slide presentation application. “The highly configurable application exceeds our client’s expectation to drive positive business results from their presentations—underpinned by intelligent, interactive sessions with the latest business relevant data available at the user’s fingertips,” states Zawaideh.

Built natively within the Salesforce platform, SlideWeaver is setting new benchmarks in the industry by helping enterprises deliver real-time, accurate, interactive, and insightful presentations. The application allows users to access data in real-time from Salesforce environments, local devices, and the web as per the need of the hour. By linking Salesforce or web data to the desired slides, SlideWeaver pulls out appropriate information—precisely fit to a presentation, providing unlimited data to engage in meaningful discussions and decision-making. Additionally, “As a native Salesforce solution, SlideWeaver reaps every advantage of Salesforce’s capabilities and authorized permission features for accessing data that provide relevant information to users,” remarks Zawaideh. The context-aware capability eliminates the herculean task of refreshing and updating slides for future presentations as SlideWeaver updates every detail automatically.

“The beauty of SlideWeaver is that it can be implemented and integrated into any custom-built or standard Salesforce organization in just a few minutes and works wherever Salesforce works,” asserts Zawaideh.

SlideWeaver real-time context-aware capability eliminates the herculean task of refreshing and updating slides for future presentations as everything updates automatically

The application also allows employees to share presentations through Salesforce platform, and to other authorized persons external to Salesforce, across different devices. Over and above, “If a person shares a presentation with others in Salesforce, the slides will also update automatically whenever content and data changes based on the permissions and access specific users have,” explains Zawaideh. SlideWeaver, as a native application, uses the renowned Salesforce security model, eliminating the need for multiple security policies and procedures across the corporate systems.

The firm has helped enterprises unlock the goldmine of value in Salesforce and solve business challenges. For instance, a marketing services company credits CalxTechnology in helping them simplify and present event recaps with real-time updates to their clients. Previously, the client took days to sort out the large volume of data that was being fed into their Salesforce platform—which takes few minutes today. SlideWeaver enabled the client to improve their customer satisfaction and business throughputs.

To help customers stay on the winning edge, CalxTechnology releases new features every six weeks—catering to the needs of users. “We are committed to our guiding principles to provide the most advanced solution, delight users, and incorporate flexibility and configurability in the core of all we do,” asserts Zawaideh. As for the future, the firm is planning to integrate Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence into their platform to make presentations more dynamic, interactive, and above all, intelligent.


Burr Ridge, IL

Sam Zawaideh, CEO

Develops SlideWeaver—a new age presentation application with real-time updates and context-aware data selection