Calypso Technology: Mitigating Capital Market Complexities

Pascal Xatart, CEO
The constantly evolving regulatory and technology landscape is greatly transforming the financial markets today. Enterprises are experiencing difficulties in adapting to these new market realities—Dodd-Frank and European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR)—and perform electronic trading, mandatory clearing, and trade reporting, which in turn is significantly affecting their derivatives, operations, and workflow. Furthermore, the increased capital requirement by Basel III adds additional coerce on profitability. “To ease the financial sector from these constant pres¬sures for better allocation of capital and improved risk management demand, we offer innovative cross-asset front-to-back technology solutions for complex financial markets,” extols Pascal Xatart, CEO, Calypso Technology. Working with the vision to transform capital markets, Calypso provides clients with a single platform that enables system consolidation, business innovation and growth at the enterprise level across trading, risk management, processing and accounting. The firm enables its clients to achieve faster time to new markets, enterprise risk reduction, and lower technology costs, driving immediate improvements to the bottom line.

Most banks today have a fragmented technology environment that results in increased operational risks and high support costs. Financial institutions tend to spend more time on implementing regulations, documenting business workflows, managing software upgrades, and in turn concentrating less on clients. “To combat this problem, we have developed an industrialized blueprint solution for reducing complexity and cost in banks—Bank-in-a-Box,” says Xatart. The Calypso Bank-in-a-Box is built on a documented operating model that standardizes business workflows for all asset classes and capital market functions. It also pre-figures business processes and operating manuals, with the goal of easing the ongoing cost and compliance challenges existing in the financial marketplace. “We designed our Bank-in-a-Box solution in collaboration with a group of global banks to streamline, consolidate and document their processes and systems to stay at par with the market and regulatory changes,” articulates Xatart. By implementing this solution, customers can eliminate redundant processes, standardize business workflows, and in turn provide compliance, enabling banks to significantly focus on revenue and less on technology.

We offer innovative cross-asset front-to-back technology solutions for complex financial markets

“While implementations of capital market systems are time consuming and costly, Calypso Bank-in-a-Box, with its validated market best practices affords customers a timelier, cost-effective rollout,” says Xatart.

Serving the capital market for nearly two decades, Calypso works with over 34,000 market professionals across 60 countries. In one instance, a large European commercial bank had an incompatible incumbent back office capital markets system and hence needed a global solution that could consolidate their trading infrastructure on a single platform, to allow them to drive all lifecycle events directly from the front office. The bank was on a constant lookout for a relevant solution and in the process, discovered Calypso. “Our robust front-to-back trading platform combined with our expertise allowed the bank to revamp their entire capital markets trading operation and realize their vision of a unified infrastructure,” explains Xatart. After working with Calypso, the client could capture its front office trade events in real-time.

Adding to its suite of offerings for the capital market, Calypso has recently built a comprehensive SA-CCR calculation engine, to improve the risk sensitivity of the capital framework without creating undue complexity. The SA-CCR framework for regulatory calculations across both Market and Counterparty Credit Risk is built upon a proven platform for large scale risk calculations, to deliver financial institutions the clarity they need on capital usage. “We are committed in providing flexible solutions that adapt as our customers grow, and have further plans to build technology that will address both current and future needs in the financial sector,” concludes Xatart.

Calypso Technology

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Pascal Xatart, CEO

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